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Trivani Merges With Ariix International – Will This Partnership Benefit You?

by James Yancey

Ariix Acquires Trivani

Ariix Aquires TrivaniAriix International is a health and wellness company in prelaunch – scheduled to officially launch in January 2012.  Ariix has shocked the MLM world and acquired Trivani a 4 years old Network Marketing health and wellness company.  If you’re here you’re looking to get some details on what Trivani was all about or perhaps you’re due diligence on Ariix whatever the case- you’re about to learn some very interesting facts about Trivani, Ariix, and the MLM industry.

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In this post I’ll give you details you don’t expect and over deliver in ways that will make you think well after you’ve left this site.  I’ll also give you the details on Trivani, the leadership team behind the company, and their products.  So pay close attention, as this post will reveal everything you need to know in regards to the Ariix Trivani merger and how it can benefit you.

About Trivani

TrivaniTrivani was designed as a company with a unique vision—to use the power of network marketing to spread great ideas around the world.  The company was working to fulfill its goals through three main missions: Purpose, Products, and Prosperity.

The company implemented and maintained a philosophy of “do no harm”, this philosophy translated into their product line having no harmful ingredients or ingredients that combine in any way to be harmful. Trivani was founded in 2007 by Leslie Dee Anne and her son Bob Steed.  They founded this company with two parts a foundation for charity and a for profit arm for distributors.  Even with a great product strong financial backing and the experience of having built a traditional business to nearly a billion in annuals sales the company was unable to create stability and had to find a partner willing to merge with their vision to keep their product and distributor base alive.  So as of October 17, 2011 Trivani has been acquired by a Utah based startup Ariix International.

The Trivani Product Line

In alignment with their “do no harm” philosophy Trivani was marketing environmentally friendly products in four categories.

Trivani ProductsThe Trivani main product lines included:

* Nutritional Supplements (high science, essential nutrients for the entire family)

* Personal Care (tooth paste, deodorant mist, shower bar & gel)

* Hair Care (salon grade shampoo, conditioner & styling products)

* Skin Care (full system of anti- aging products for every skin type)

The Bottom Line on the Trivani and Ariix Merger

The fact is even a stable company can have challenges and it’s up to you and me distributors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to have the proper plan in place when building our businesses.  We need a business plan that protects us if there are challenges inside the MLM business we’ve selected.  Face it, we as distributors don’t have any control of what happens in the front office, we don’t see the company’s expenses and budget, and can only trust that things are being handled properly with the companies and our best interests in mind.

In my opinion Trivani ran into problems because they didn’t know how to market effectively to find distributors.  Let’s be honest, their product line, philosophy, and mission alone were not enough to succeed.  Even when combined with their compensation plan and previous track record.

To succeed in Network Marketing you absolutely must be able to enroll and sponsor new people into your business.  Which means your success is completely based on your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  This is why you must focus on a business you own, that business is the marketing a lead generation business –  this approach makes you the asset and allows you to build any MLM opportunity or business you choose while at the same time allowing you to generate income from those not interested in the MLM company you’ve selected.

Again, if you’re here you looking for a solid and genuine opportunity and you’re serious about building something for the future.  If you’re ready to learn how to really control your future then the Ariix and Trivani merger can be a big benefit to you, because from it you can learn how you can control your own destiny.  All while creating more time, freedom, and certainty inside any MLM business – which is what you absolutely deserve and why you’ll know want to learn how you can implement your own Network Marketing Lead Generation System.

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