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An Unbiased Expert Review Of TriVita And Napolea

by James Yancey

TriVita ReviewIf you’ve clicked on this TriVita Review, you are most likely doing your due diligence and trying to make an informed decision as to if TriVita and their product Napolea is the best place to invest your time and effort.  In this unbiased review I will give an overview of the product, review the leadership, the compensation plan, and reveal what it will take to succeed in the TriVita MLM opportunity.  So I encourage you to pay close attention to what you’ll learn in this TriVita Review doing so will put you in the best position to achieve your goals.

Trivita – The Company And Product

The name TriVita (try veeta), was inspired by the founder Michael Ellison’s belief in the three (Tri) essential parts of human life (Vita): physical, emotional and spiritual.  The company’s name is an expression of the passion and commitment to their mission: inspiring people to experience wellness and to create wealth for their life purposes.  The company uses an innovative marketing strategy that includes marketing their products through traditional methods and a network of independent affiliates.

The Leadership of TriVita And Napolea

Mr. Ellison, started TriVita after a personal health crisis at the age of 50.  He brings to the company a strong background in business having built a Ellison Media Company into a national presence in the Christian media industry.

TriVita’s Sales & Marketing arm is run by Marcus Ellision.  Marcus is responsible for the development of the company’s nutraceutical products, strategic brand direction and consistent presentation of TriVita brands across TV, radio, catalog, web, magazine, events and affiliate member sales.

The Product – Napolea

TriVita - NopaleaTriVita product line is based on the health benefits and research of the antioxidant power of the fruit the Nopal Cactus, also known as the Prickly Pear Cactus.  There is significant documentation supporting the Nopal Cactus with over 280 scientific papers have been published on its benefits and properties.

The products that Trivita markets includes vitamins, Nerve Formula, Peaceful Sleep, GlucoManage, Prostate Formula, VisionGuard, Leanology Weight Loss Capsules 180 count, Sonoran Bloom Nopalea and many more products in the wellness category.

The Compensation Plan – TriVita And Napolea

The TriVita compensation plan offers 3 primary ways to earn income from personal sales, the company’s co-op, and lastly income overrides from you team.  The team overrides offer a residual plan that pays up to 7 levels in depth.

The most interesting component of the Trivita compensation plan to many new business owners and rookie Network Marketers is their Co-Op Advertising program.  This unique program is designed to allow affiliates to purchase paying customers (not leads) for their personal customer base.  TriVita markets for customers through television, radio, websites and print – and as an Affiliate, you can buy the compensation rights to these customers – which means you’ll earn income generated from their product purchases, while at the same time fund the company’s marketing.  As of this writing you can acquire customers as an affiliate of TriVita for $50 per customer – the only unknown is how long these customers will remain on the product.

Building A Successful TriVita Business

Ultimately TriVita is a Network Marketing opportunity and even with all the facts – a unique product line, a competent leadership team, an interesting marketing co-op, and lastly a fair compensation plan.  The truth of the matter is that none of these facts will have any impact your ability to succeed.  To achieve success inside TriVita or any Network Marketing company your results are completely tied to your ability to enroll and sponsor new distributors into your business.

The fact is Network Marketing is a business that requires a high volume of leads and therefore your success will be based on your ability to generate qualified leads.  This is why, I highly recommend anyone interested in building a business inside TriVita implement a proven Network Marketing Lead Generation System.

TriVita obviously understand that leads are the name of the game – however why fund the company’s customer leads you need your own lead source for distributors?  A quality lead system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from those not interested in the TriVita opportunity.  If you tie this Network Marketing Lead Generation System with a solid game plan TriVita certainly could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.  To access my FREE video training that will help you dominate TriVita  simply click the banner below now!

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