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Tupperware Reviews – Can You Make Money In Tupperware?

by James Yancey

Tupperware Reviews

Tupperware ReviewsTupperware is best known for its line of sealable, stackable, high stress, temperature-resistant food containers and common kitchen. The company has been so successful integrating their brand into the culture of the world it is common to refer to any brand of sealable food container as Tupperware.

So if you’re here looking into Tupperware I highly doubt you’re looking to find out to many details about their products – you are probably very familiar with what the company markets – and your goal and purpose for being here is most likely to find out more about the business of Tupperware, their compensation plan, and how you can be successful should you choose to partner with the company.

About Tupperware

Tupperware is a very established direct sales company inside the Network Marketing industry is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and has been in business since 1946. The company was founded by Earl Silas Tupper, Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise

Tupperware Reviews - Tupperware ProductsTupperware is a member of the DSA or Direct Sales Association which can make you feel secure they are operating legally, ethically, and fairly. The company also supports many charities and fund-raisers and has a credible management team that is strongly committed to giving back to communities and helping those in need.

In addition to their world-famous Tupperware containers the company also produces cutlery, cookware, kitchen tools, picnic sets, school lunch sets, microwaveable sets, freezer sets, and more. The Tupperware product line is known for its stack ability, durability, and variety of colors and themes.

Making Money with Tupperware – The Tupperware Compensation Plan

Tupperware markets their products through an independent network of distributors giving motivated individuals the opportunity to earn discounts on their own purchases and compensation on the personal retail sales and the sales of a group – should they elect to build a team of distributors.

Starting a Tupperware business requires the purchase of the company’s starter kit and new Tupperware Consultants can choose from the business kit for $79.99 or the executive business kit for $119.99 – each option contains products and marketing tools.

The Tupperware compensation plan rewards retails sales with commission from 25 – 40% based on the dollar amount of those sales. The company also allows you to earn an override for building a successful team those commissions can range from 4 to 12% based on the size of your team and the sales volume they produce.

The Tupperware Marketing Plan And Making Money

Tupperware suggest marketing their products to friends, family, and business associated through “parties” held in your home. While party plans and home parties are a proven method of building a Direct Sales and Network Marketing business and Tupperware’s product line are obviously items that are relevant, easily demonstrated, and useful.

That being said, those that are looking to build a part-time income or replace a primary source of income with a Tupperware business must recognize that they must be able to consistently sell products and locate new customers and consultants.  The products are high quality and last a long time, so repeat customers are not a significant aspect of the business; therefore, you must already have or develop a very large group of people to market too – to obtain customers and consultants.

The fact is most people don’t have an endless group of prospects and this is why many struggle and why I recommend making it the primary focus of your plan to master marketing, promotion, and sales because this is the only surefire way to succeed in Tupperware or any home based business.

A Game Plan for Success in Tupperware

If you’re serious about building a large and successful Tupperware business or any business from home you’ll want to implement a plan outside of friends and family – simply because Tupperware’s products are designed to last – and you only have but so many friends and family.

I recommend you learn some techniques to grow your business online. Did you know there are over 2 million people searching online for a way to make money from home per month? Imagine if you knew how to position yourself in front of that audience.  That skill and that skill alone – could allow you to be successful in Tupperware or any business you choose.

Learn To Use The Internet To Grow Your Tupperware Business Now!

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