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Uprize Are They Serious? Get The Facts On This MLM Start Up

by James Yancey

Uprize Business Review

Uprize Forex ReviewIf you haven’t noticed network marketing is exploding!  So, much so that brand new categories are popping up.  Companies that at one point would never have even given network marketing a look are launching their businesses inside the industry.  That being said, if you’ve landed on this page and are looking for more information on Uprize you are in the right place.

In this 3rd party Uprize review I will give you details on the company, their leadership, what they sell, I’ll also give you an action plan to succeed in this business.  I’ll give you all details so that you can decide for yourself how serious Uprize is, so you can determine how serious you plan to take it.

About Uprize

Uprize, launched in February 2012 and was founded by Glen Jensen and Dan Taggart.  Glen Jensen brings a wealth of network marketing experience to Uprize, having been involved as  a distributor as well as on the corporate side having at one time been the CEO of Agel Enterprises.   Dan Taggart the co-founder of Uprize adds the software and technical knowledge to this team and has a solid track record for building successful businesses.

What is Uprize Marketing?

Uprize Forex MLMUprize  provides training and tools to be used in a home-based currency trading business and is marketing their products and training with network marketing.  Creating a very intriguing and unique/unusual business platform.  In the company’s own words, “Uprize is less about a company and more about a movement.”   While there may be a movement at Uprize, are they really positioned to teach people how to make money with money?

Shawn Lucas is the individual behind Uprize’s forex trading platform and training.  He brings 15 years experience in trading and according to the company has been developing his training system for over 8 years, and had over 1000 students complete his training.

Uprize forex training packages are designed for all levels of trading experience and are available 24/7 with a PC, the even have apps for the iPad, Android tablet, and smartphone.  Uprize’s proprietary Intellitrader System, built on the MetaTrader platform, provides a full institutional data feed for all currency pairs in all time cycles. It scans continuously and is designed to alert users when a high-probability trade is detected.

Getting Started and Getting Paid in Uprize

If you considering taking advantage of the Uprize forex business a new affiliate must pay an annual  affiliate fee of $49.99 – then choose one of the three training packages.  They offer a Core training priced at $199, a Partner training program for $499, and Professional for $1,499.  The trainings are available in an online course.  To stay involved in the company requires you subscribe to a data feed that is usable for any package for $49.99.

The Uprize compensation plan is based on an uni-level plan.  A uni-level compensation plan allows an affiliate to enroll and unlimited amount of affiliates personally and as those affiliates begin to enroll others – depth is created in the organization.  The Uprize compensation plan pays 5% on the data feed through 10 levels of depth.  There are also fast start bonus, and mentoring bonuses as you help your team grow.  All in all the compensation plan appear lucrative for a person who already has a large number of contact in the forex market or has the ability to create a large network of potential users and affiliates.

The Key To Building A Uprize Business

Uprize really offers two ways to get paid, you can get paid trading – if that’s your cup of tea.  Or, you can get paid with building a team of affiliates.  If you’re excited about Uprize and looking for a plan to ensure you success in the network marketing side of Uprize – there are a few things you absolutely must recognize.

First that Uprize forex training is not for everyone, I don’t care how big the “movement” forex trading is not for everyone.  I mention this because it’s obvious that Uprize could be a serious business; however, if you plan to market their platform to friends and family, you’re kidding yourself!

Last but not least, to succeed in a business like Uprize you must have a system in place to generate targeted leads, for the business, as well as for the service (if you plan to sell the service).  This is why I highly recommend anyone considering joining Uprize learn to generate leads online.  Simply put without a steady flow of leads your odds in Uprize or any network marketing business are slim to none.

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