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Viridian Energy Review – Does Viridian Have The Power?

by James Yancey

Viridian Energy Review – Are you convinced Viridian has the power to change your life?

Viridian Energy ReviewIf your reading this Viridian Energy Review you’re probably a little skeptical as to if Viridian is the right company for you, and a seeking an unbiased opinion.  In this 3rd party review I’ll discuss the company, the leadership, the compensation plan, and exactly what you need to do to create a dream income and lifestyle in Viridian Energy.

About The Company – Viridian Energy

Viridian Energy is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and was founded in March 2009. Viridian Energy’s goal is to provide a greener energy options at an affordable price.  Viridian Energy currently operates partially in 4 states; parts of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland are currently open to competition.   The company currently offers 2 products 20% renewable and 100% renewable electricity products.  Viridian Energy is utilizing Network Marketing to gather customers, and offers a customer a greener energy alternative with nothing changing in regards to who delivers their power.  Viridian Energy plans to enter the natural gas market in the future to continue to expand their product line. 

The Leadership of Viridian Energy

Michael J. Fallquist is the CEO and founder of Viridian Energy and has a solid background in business.  Mr. Fallquist has experience in consulting, banking, and commodities.  Prior to this venture Mr. Fallquist was Chief Operating Officer of Commerce Energy a small electricity and natural gas provider.   Unfortunately no information is publically available about the supporting cast of corporate leaders at Viridian, furthermore there is nothing detailing if any corporate leaders have any Network Marketing experience.  While this may have no impact on Viridian Energy’s ability to succeed this 3rd party review would not be sufficient if this was not mentioned and noted.

Viridian Attraction Marketing System

Viridian Energy Review – The Compensation Plan

Before we review the Viridian Energy compensation plan let’s quickly review how to get started as a distributor.  The company has 3 options to enroll from $99 – $399 to get started as a Viridian Energy distributor.  For the purposes of this compensation plan review we will assume the top package was selected.  Viridian Energy offers 8 ways to earn income.  The company pays $100 for enrolling 5 customers in 30 days this fast start bonus can be earned for the first 15 customers and can total $300 over if these customers are gathered in the first 90 days.   In addition to this fast start bonus Viridian offers bonuses tied to the growth of your team, as well as a residual income tied to the growth of your organization customer base.  The residual compensation plan pays out on kilowatt usage from 300 kilowatt hours and up.  Viridian Energy without a doubt packs a powerful compensation plan for a person who is laser focused on creating success and has a focus on the correct activities that this compensation plan rewards.

In Conclusion, What’s It Take To Succeed In Viridian Energy?

Ultimately Viridian Energy is a Network Marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent CEO, a great product, and an exciting robust compensation plan.  None of these factors matter or have any impact on any Viridian distributor’s ability to succeed.  To succeed in Viridian Energy you have to master the ability to locate quality people and sponsor them into your Viridian Energy.  Therefore, your success comes down to your ability to market and generate qualified leads.  I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a substantial income in Viridian Energy implement a proven Attraction Marketing system. This system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals who don’t want to join you’re  business.  If you tie this online Attraction Marketing system and branding with a solid strategy Viridian Energy could be the opportunity you’ve always been seeking.

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James Yancey is an Attraction Marketing Coach in the Home Business Industry.  He specializes in Internet Marketing, Recruiting Systems, and Coaching.

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