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Vitel Review – Is Vitel Wireless A Smart Choice?

by James Yancey

The Details About Vitel Wireless

Vitel - Cellphone MLM

Looking for more details on Vitel?  If I were a gambler I would bet that you were either looking for information because you saw a brief overview on Vitel Wireless got excited and joined without doing the research first and are now playing catch up or your are considering getting involved and are doing your due diligence before going all in.  Whatever the reason you find yourself on this page your search is over – because in this Vitel review I will share with you the important details about the company, their products, the compensation plan and most importantly a strategy that can greatly enhance your odds of success in this or any home based business you choose.

About Vitel Wireless

Vitel Wireless is a privately held network marketing company based out of Texas that is focused on marketing cellular phones and cellular services.  In addition to the cellular line the company also markets merchant credit card processing services, satellite TV, and FrontPoint security equipment.

The company launched in January of 2011 with a mission to provide the highest level of quality and technology in all the products and services they offer and to sustain a positive sales environment for their sales representatives with professional training and industry leading incentives combined with a high level of support.

While the founders of Vitel don’t appear to have any documented network marketing experience they do bring corporate and entrepreneurial experience to this venture.  The last element that must be considered is the fact that Vitel Wireless is a reseller of everything they market – meaning they simply have license to market products of other companies and do not have their own products which could be considered a risk.   While many companies in network marketing follow this model, you must decide if that is something you are comfortable with for the long-term.

The Vitel Compensation Plan

Vitel Wireless ReviewsNo Vitel Wireless review would be complete without looking into the compensation plan.  Vitel offers several ways to get started each having their own perks and benefits – and include a “free option”, $19.95 a month option, all the way up to their Platinum Member package at $99.95 monthly.

Once you’ve enrolled you can earn income in the Vitel compensation plan through retail sales, fast start bonuses, and residual income through their uni-level compensation plan.  A uni-level is simply a compensation model that allows distributors to enroll an unlimited number of customers and distributors personally, as the new distributors enroll others depth is created in the compensation plan.

Vitel Wireless compensation plan also offers distributor the ability to get their cell service for free with 3 active customers, and they even offer a car bonus for top producers.  All in all their compensation plan like most MLM companies rewards leadership and can be lucrative for those with a strong work ethic, ability, influence, and marketing skills.

A Game Plan For Success In Vitel Wireless

The fact is Vitel Wireless is the new kid on the block of MLM wireless company’s – which certainly can be attractive to many people.  Unfortunately most people you try to share Vitel with won’t care and many won’t want to even hear anything about the Vitel Wireless opportunity.  That is unless they are looking for an opportunity.

The long and short of it is Vitel is a network marketing company, and to succeed in network marketing requires distributors to generate or have access to a large and steady flow of opportunity seeking leads.  The fact is without a steady flow of open minded entrepreneurial leads you like many others do, will struggle in Vitel Wireless.

This is why I highly recommend anyone considering Vitel Wireless learn how to market to attract leads to them rather than only talking to friends and family.  That strategy may get you a few customers, but the odds that your existing friends and family will lead to a thriving business are incredibly slim and you already knew that.  However, imagine if you went to work, to learn and implement some simple and proven strategies to generate your own leads, you would hold all the cards and could build Vitel, or any mlm company, or business you ever decide to get involved in.  Giving you the control you desire to choose your own destiny, income, and lifestyle.

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