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Considering The Wake Up Now Business? Get The Facts Before You Join

by James Yancey

Searching Wake Up Now Reviews?

Wake Up Now ReviewsIf you’ve landed on this Wake Up Now review you are most likely doing your due  diligence prior to joining or you’ve jumped in and looking for some training to  find out how you can succeed in this business.   Whatever may be the case you’re in the right place because in this third-party review I’ll give you detailed overview of the company, its compensation plan, and a strategy that can put the odds in your favor to win in Wake Up Now.

About Wake Up Now

Wake Up Now is a network marketing company that is focused on economic wellness and offers a program to help its customers and independent business owners build a savings and a cash management plan.

The company was founded by Troy Muhlestein and is based in Utah.   Prior to starting Wake Up Now Troy Muhlestein had been climbing the corporate ladder in traditional business until he suddenly found himself unemployed.   While looking for work, he got a call about his credit card debt, it was this conversation from a telemarketer that sparked the vision to develop a plan to help himself and others struggling with credit card debt.

In addition to the Wake Up Now financial management software, the company also has many ways to help its members save money immediately through discounts and coupons for restaurants, groceries, shopping, travel services, and leisure activities.

The Wake Up Now vision is “to inspire people worldwide to get financially independent, be free to be who they really are, and see and fulfill their personal mission and purpose.”

Getting Started and Making Money in Wake Up Now

Need MLM Scripts For Your Wake Up Now Business? CLICK HERE NOW!Getting started in Wake Up Now is pretty straight forward the company requires new independent business owners pay a fee of $99.95 for immediate access to their marketing system their products and services software.

The Wake Up Now compensation plan is based on a uni-level pay plan and this plan allows independent business owners or IBO’s to enroll and unlimited number of business builders and customers personally and as the IBO’s they enroll begin to do the same depth is created.  IBO’s in Wake Up Now can earn up to 10% on retail commissions and also bonuses and commissions on team sales.   The company even offers the ability to earn commissions through selling advertising to merchants.

Succeeding In Wake Up Now

If you passionate about financial literacy and wellness let me be the first to say congratulations!  We are alike in that regard, that being said Network Marketing is about building a large organization of people who want the same thing and unfortunately when it comes to overall financial wellness most people NEED a plan, but few are actually seeking one.

That doesn’t mean that Wake Up Now is not a good business or a good opportunity.  What is means is that if you’re planning on becoming debt free and then building a significant income in Wake Up Now or for that matter any Network Marketing company you must learn the skill of marketing chasing or depending on friends and family to join or build a business is simply not a long-term plan of action.

To succeed in Wake Up Now you must develop the ability to enroll distributors on a consistent basis, attract leaders, and be able to duplicate your process throughout your team.   This is why I highly recommend learning to generate network marketing leads online.   Developing this ability will give you the skills to grow and build Wake Up Now or any network marketing company you choose.

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