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Wela – Will They Build Your Slimberry Team For You?

by James Yancey

Wela – Is Slimberry For You?

If you’re reading this Wela Review chances are you’re doing your due diligence to make sure that Wela is the right choice for you.  That’s why in this short review we will look at the management, the product, the compensation plan, and most importantly look into the Wela marketing system.

Who’s Behind Wela And Slimberry?

Wela is a nutritional MLM company headquartered in Springfield, Missouri by John Penny, Ryan Burgard and Mike Gullett.  John and Ryan were both top distributors at Vemma and Mike’s background is in IT.  This trio has solid experience and the field as distributors and in traditional business.  They founded Wela on four core values that guide their decisions and actions: dignity, service, excellence, and stewardship.

Wela Slimberry – The Product Details

Wela’s flagship product is Slimberry, an antioxidant formula sold in a bottle of concentrated nutritional drops.  Wela Slimberry contains minerals, zeolites, fulvic minerals, vitamin D3, and extracts of Acai berry and Maqui berry, Moringa, Black Currant, and Pomegranate.  By the name of the product “Slimberry” I hope you guessed that it’s a weight control product thats designed to help you recover faster from exercise, build lean muscle, increase energy levels and also clean out toxins in the body.  The price of one Slimberry bottle is $46.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling making the autoship pretty reasonable for anyone interested in taking advantage of the Wela opportunity.

The Wela Compensation Plan

According to the company they’ve created a franchise-like system with a revenue sharing plan that meets the needs of novice and experienced marketers.  What they’ve done is offered a binary compensation plan that allows Wela Reps an earning potential of $20,000 per week as part of the team cycle bonus.  Obviously this doesn’t happen overnight, immediately reps can earn a fast start bonus of $16 on each sale, and a preferred customer bonus of $10. The Wela compensation plan also includes generation matching bonuses and a 2% global bonus pool.  Wela seems to have a built a fair compensation plan that rewards distributors well for building large teams, but it’s not the compensation plan that makes Wela unique.

What makes Wela Unique?

What makes Wela unique is that the company offers ”Guaranteed Tour Takers” as part of their marketing program and product line. The monthly autoship includes 10 “Guaranteed Tour Takers”, or leads, and also offers the option to purchase additional ”Tour Takers” each month for prices ranging from $43.75 for 25, to 250 “Guaranteed Tour Takers” for $312.50.  According to Wela, ”Guaranteed Tour Takers” are generated through an outside lead company for Wela and are simply an option to help distributors build their business.  The real question is can you outsource your team building to Wela using their “Guaranteed Tour Takers” system?

Wela – The Long And Short Of It

Wela is a network marketing company and their focus is on their product Slimberry and the infrastructure of company.  As a network marketing distributor your focus needs to be on building your team.  While their “Guaranteed Tour Takers” system maybe compelling there is no short cut to building a successful business and thriving team of distributors.

I recommend anyone serious about building Wela or any network marketing business implement a proven Attraction Marketing system.  A quality system must allow you to brand yourself as a leader, teach and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals not interested in the Wela opportunity.  If you tie this MLM Marketing System and branding with a solid strategy Wela could be a life changing opportunity.

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