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The Unbiased Facts On The Xango Business – Because You Deserve The Truth

by James Yancey

XanGo Reviews

XanGo ReviewsIf I had to guess, my guess would be that if you’re reading this article you’re probably looking for information and possibly some tips for success in regards to the XanGo business opportunity.  If that’s true – your search is over because in this article I will give you the strategy that I would use had I chosen to build a business in XanGo, and I will also review the most important and relevant details about the company, the products, and their compensation plan.

So, pay close attention because all the details you need about XanGo will be revealed in this unbiased 3rd party review.

About XanGo

XanGo is a privately owned company founded in September of 2002 and is based in Lehi, Utah.  XanGo is a solid business opportunity in the competitive health and wellness niche of MLM and is focused on physical, financial, and spiritual wellness.

The company was founded by 6 men who had a unique vision and combined their industry experience, business acumen, and relentless drive to create a rapidly growing global brand in network marketing.

XanGo has grown their global network to over 1,000,000 independent distributors, and does business in the U.S. and several international markets including Canada, Mexico, Russia, throughout Europe and Asia and many other countries.

XanGo Products

XanGo Product ReviewsXanGo offers a full line of wellness products that span 8 different categories including: a wellness drink, health and vitamin supplements, weight loss supplements, a supplement to help you rest and sleep, a skin care line, spa products, and meal replacements.

The company’s primary product offering is their XanGo juice which is a Mangosteen drink, that leverages the nutritional value from Mangosteen fruit.  This fruit has been used for over 400 years mainly in Southeast Asia for its health promotion properties.

Scientific studies have shown that Mangosteen’s benefits can include joint support, strengthening the immune system, antioxidant support, anti-aging properties, stress relief, and more.

The XanGo Compensation Plan

The XanGo compensation plan is based on the proven uni-level model.  A uni-level is simply a compensation model that allows distributors to enroll an unlimited amount of customers and distributors personally and, as these new distributors enroll others depth is created and XanGo allows their distributors to earn through 9 levels of depth.

The XanGo compensation plan offers 4 ways to earn income – through retail sales, fast start bonuses from new distributors, uni-level commissions, and through the company’s global bonus pool.

All in all, the XanGo compensation plan seems fair and potentially lucrative for those with the skill and ability to build a thriving network of independent distributors.

If I Chose To Build XanGo Here Is What I Would Do (As Promised)

Ultimately XanGo is a network marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent corporate team and an interesting product tied into a potentially lucrative compensation plan the fact is that alone has no bearing on a network marketer’s success.

The fact is to succeed in XanGo your success is completely to your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your XanGo business who have the desire and ability to market the company’s products and opportunity.

So, if you already realized this or are hearing for the first time that network marketing requires a large number of new people to talk too, you’ll understand why if I were going to join XanGo, I would focus my business around a strategy to generate mlm leads that knew who I was, and how I could help them succeed – and I would use the internet to locate many of these prospects.

Did you know over 2 million people per month are searching for ways to make money online?  This does not even include the people like you who are researching opportunities like XanGo.  Imagine if you knew how to position yourself in front of the people looking – what could this type of knowledge and skill do for your business?

If you’ve read this far I’m sure you can clearly see why I strongly recommend you and anyone interested in creating a substantial income in XanGo learn the marketing skill necessary to generate and attract mlm leads.

Any quality mlm lead generation system will help you develop your own brand, teach you how to generate leads, as well as help you develop income streams from the individuals who have no interest in XanGo – it’s this type of business plan that allows you to build any MLM business and truly create a lifestyle of freedom.

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