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Zrii Review – The Facts You Need That Zrii Distributors Won't Tell You

by James Yancey

Zrii Reviews

Zrii ReviewsIf I had to guess, my guess would be that if you’re reading this article you’re probably searching for more details or training on the Zrii business. If that’s true you’re in the right place because in this post I will not only give you the strategy that I would use if I had chosen to build a business in Zrii, I will also give you some details about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

So, pay close attention because all the details you need about Zrii will be revealed in this unbiased 3rd party review.

About Zrii

“Zrii” which means luster, prosperity and light in Sanskrit – opened their doors for business with a record breaking pre-launch to attract distributors in 2007 and officially launched in 2008. With the competition in the health and wellness niche of MLM, Zrii has as now been around long enough to show that they have the potential to be a solid competitor in the compelling and proven health and wellness niche of direct sales.

Zrii is based in Draper Utah and was founded by William (Bill) Farley. Mr. Farley brings a proven track record of success to Zrii having been at the helm and the driving force of multi-billion dollar corporations and brands like Fruit of The Loom. Mr. Farley’s experience spans 3 decade and he’s chosen to surround himself with a solid corporate team and field leadership to guide Zrii today and as they continue to expand. The company currently operates in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Israel.

The Zrii Product Line

Zrii Reviews - The Zrii ProductsAccording to the company Zrii is an international Ayurvedic wellness company—Ayurveda is literally referred to as “the science of life – Zrii health products are based on 5,000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda and are rich in antioxidants—each natural ingredient is specifically chosen to compliment the Amalaki fruit, one of the core health foundations in Ayurvedic principles.

What that means to you and me is that Zrii is marketing holistic products based on science and tradition. The company has 4 primary products, Zrii a liquid nutritional drink, Purify – a weight loss product, Achieve – a product to enhance and improve digestion, and Accell a weight management product. The staple ingredient of the Zrii product line is the Amalaki “super-fruit”, which is said to increase energy, vitality and overall health.

The Zrii Compensation Plan

The Zrii compensation plan is based on the proven binary model. A binary compensation model focuses on the power of 2; simply put this compensation requires building 2 teams – a left team and a right team, and then helping others to do the same and duplicate your efforts to create depth, income growth, and stability. Keep in mind the majority of the compensation paid in a binary is paid from the weaker of the two teams you build.

The Zrii compensation plan offers 9 ways to get paid which can be categorized three groups’ immediate up-front cash from retail sales, team builder bonuses, and long-term residuals.

The company’s upfront bonuses include a Retail Bonus, Enroller Retail Bonus and Rising Star Pool. The long-term residual bonuses and the most lucrative component of the Zrii pay plan include Team Commissions, Matching Bonus, Leadership Pool, Achievement Bonus and Premium Executive Rewards including a car bonus.

All in all, the Zrii compensation plan seems fair and potentially lucrative for those with the skill and ability to build a thriving network of independent distributors.

A Solid Strategy For Success In Zrii (As Promised)

Ultimately Zrii is a network marketing opportunity and even though they have a competent corporate team and an interesting product tied into a potentially lucrative compensation plan the fact is that alone has no any bearing on your or any other distributor’s ability to succeed.

To succeed in Zrii your success will be tied completely to your ability to enroll and sponsor new people into your Zrii business who have the desire and ability to market the company’s products and opportunity.

So, now that you completely realize your success completely hinges on your ability to market and generate qualified mlm leads. I can now strongly recommend to you and anyone interested in creating a substantial income in Zrii learn direct marketing and a system to attract mlm leads.

A quality mlm lead generation system will help you develop a brand, teach you and allow you to generate leads, as well as help you generate income from the individuals who have no interest in Zrii.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Zrii Business?

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