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How To Build An Enormous Team In MLM

by James Yancey

The 6 Principles Needed To Build An Enormous MLM Team!

The key to building a winning team in MLM is building that team around 6 principles.  These 6 principles are the foundation of your business and the only way to create immediate and lifelong success.

The key to implementing these 6 principles is to understand that your job as a leader is to create synergy around these principles while recognizing no one principle is more or less important than the other.  MLM is a people business and people have different needs as the leader of your team your job is to make sure your team’s needs are met by utilizing these 6 principles and incorporating them into your MLM companies marketing and compensation plan.


MLMYou will never be able to recognize everyone that deserves it.  Most of your teams work is invisible to you, so your appreciation for this work must not only be sincere but visible.  More often than not MLM companies and teams will recognize results.  Results and those producing the results must be recognized.  However, don’t fall into the trap of only giving recognition to those producing results.  Learn to combine the recognition of results with motivation and competition. You must also measure and recognize effort and activity.  Recognizing things like those that do the most 3 way calls, have the most home business presentations, and the most guests at weekly business presentations.  Making a concerted effort to recognize activity – will increase activity – the increase in activity will lead to an increase in results.  Never forget that an activity rewarded is an activity repeated.


MLM team competitionBuilding an environment of friendly competition will add speed to the growth of any organization.  Successful people are competitive some with others, and some with themselves.  They want to see and challenge what they believe is possible.  Your job as a leader is to stoke the fire of competition within the team, while making it fun.  Be creative.  Don’t get caught up in results based competition in any one aspect of the business.  Results are inevitable with effective activity.  Create an environment of both activity based competition and results based competition.  This will help you keep harmony with in your group.  Everyone will have a true opportunity to win, earn, and learn which will increase motivation, belief, and action within your MLM organization.


MLM team communicationNever underestimate the power of communication.  Communication equals wealth in any business, and this fact is magnified in a MLM organization.  Be sure to tell people exactly what to do in the simplest way possible.  Guide them through the process.  You are training others in all that you do, make sure your leadership team understands that they need to point, guide, and direct distributors in the direction of their goals.  Never communicate negative news, feelings, results, or belief downline.  This will poison your MLM team.  Learn to communicate through stories to cast a vision, and your leaders will do the same.


MLM team motivationWorking to create motivation is where most leaders put 90% of their effort.  Unfortunately motivation alone does not work.  Motivation is unfortunately an extremely temporary feeling.

To motivate is the reason you must know “why” your MLM team and leaders are in the business.

You motivate to a vision, not to a MLM company or compensation plan.  There are many ways to motivate people – stories are the best, people insert themselves into stories, and it increases their personal vision.  Remember not all of the stories need to be based on incredible results not everyone is in the business for big checks.  A story about someone who has struggled and is beginning to see results can be more motivational and inspirational than a money story.  In fact, the big money stories frustrate and paralyze some distributors, so have many motivational real life stories in your tool belt to help your MLM team grow.


MLM team accountabilityTo succeed you have to create an environment of accountability to the team, but more importantly to the distributor’s personal goals.  Help your MLM team be accountable to their personal goals inside and outside of the business.  This activity will build bonds within the team; people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  Everything in MLM begins with questions, the right answers to the right questions is how you sort in MLM.  You create accountability by holding people to their personal answers to the questions you propose.  Be sure to hold people more accountable to activity than results.  With the right leadership and use of the 6 principles results will begin to become predictable and leaders will be created.


MLM team educationEducation is the glue for all 5 principles.  You need to create leaders this can only happen through education.

You need to arm your MLM team with education that leads to action.

You want an organization that understands these principles and is exercising them with the activity.  You will win with a culture of learning through doing.  Personal Development is known as the backbone of MLM; however it can often be a trap.  The purpose of personal development in MLM is to develop into a person of confidence and action, not to simply be a student for life.  To succeed a MLM distributor has to step out of being a student and become an action taker.  You best educate your leaders by demonstrating the use of these 6 MLM team building principles, and getting them involved in the process and ultimately taking ownership of this process, and the business duplication will follow.

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