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MLM Duplication – Does It Work?

by James Yancey

mlm duplicationWhether you’re serious or just curious I’ll bet you’ve wondered if MLM duplication really works.  So, I’m not going to waste anytime debating the question – of course MLM duplication works!  Any MLM business that has a system in place, solid leadership, and a value added product will duplicate.  It simply doesn’t always feel like it will.  While there are many MLM duplication myths in this article we will go deep and give you all the details you need to build the MLM organization you deserve.

The Numbers Behind MLM Duplication

If you’re going to invest your time and read this information, I’m going to give you the facts.  Brace yourself you may not be ready for these numbers, they certainly aren’t for the faint of heart.  Well here you go, the fact is 80% of the people who join your organization will do little to nothing, 20% will regularly sponsor people into the business and be your builders.  Of the 20% who are actually building the business only 1% will be stars.  To build a large thriving MLM team you’ll need to personally sponsor a large number of 20%’ers – their efforts combined with your own will help you find your stars.  The key is to have a lot of people looking for a star, not to overly focus on finding a star.  Lastly, you’ll be in better position to attract a star to your team if you have a large number of 20%’ers working in your organization, they are living examples of your leadership, system, and the business opportunity.

Mind Your Business – MLM Duplication

Now that you know that MLM duplication is real, how it works, now you need to get to work.  The business you build will pay you over and over, so use common sense.  Be careful who you copy.  Be careful who you act like.  Be careful who you study.  You need to recognize their purpose, objectives, agenda, and reason for doing what they do, the way they do it, and if there methods don’t match your purpose, objectives, and agenda then you should not study, emulate, or duplicate their actions.

Remember, this is your business and to succeed you will absolutely need duplication.  However that doesn’t mean you need to duplicate what is currently being done.  If you have the ability, and resources, you can certainly create your own duplicable system.

The Elements of Duplication

The fact is duplication is all about getting people started.  You need a simple way to get people moving inside your Network Marketing business.  The get started trainings provided by MLM companies are not designed to get you from A to Z they are designed to get you moving.  Unless you have the luck and good fortune of a lottery winner, you will definitely need to extend your business beyond your warm market in order to create a thriving MLM business.

It is certainly possible to build a large network simply using meet and greet, and 3 foot rule prospecting methods, and you absolutely should always be looking for talent in your everyday life.  However, if you are looking to grow your business in a more leveraged way you must learn direct response marketing methods.

MLM Duplication and Direct Response Marketing

mlm duplicationMany accomplished leaders inside MLM will openly claim that marketing is not a viable way of building a Network Marketing business.  You can choose to follow their advice or you can re-read paragraph 3 and choose to mind your business.  I’ll say it again – it’s your business, you’ll have to make up your own mind on the best methods for you to build it.  There is no one way to build any business, however if you do decide to implement any more advanced marketing strategies you will still want to get your new MLM distributors using a traditional warm market model.  Why you ask?  Simple, re-read paragraph 2 the numbers behind MLM duplication – the numbers are still the same regardless of what marketing strategy is used.

When it comes to MLM duplication the most important thing you want to duplicate regardless of the strategy you implement is taking consistent action, getting people started right, and leadership.  These 3 elements combined with a solid company, product, and coaching will make your success is inevitable.

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