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MLM Duplication The Myth Exposed

by James Yancey

MLM duplication is an absolute myth!

MLM Leaders are not duplicable, in fact no one is.  If your looking to succeed in MLM, the goal isn’t to become a clone or droid of the top earner in your company.  Your goal is to become the best you, you can become.

mlm-duplicationUltimately to be successful in the MLM Industry you need to create and originate, not duplicate and imitate.  This expose’ will reveal why you need to create and originate vs. duplicate and imitate to create wealth and financial freedom within the MLM business model.

The first thing you must understand and accept in MLM to create success is, MLM is a relationship business.  MLM is ultimately a business of people with similar goals, dream, ambitions, and desires collaborating toward a common purpose.  MLM is about people not a product or a compensation plan.  The industry as a whole is about people working together towards their individual and collective goals and these goals make up the business and asset of MLM.

That being said, just like snowflakes no two people are the same.  If no to people are alike, how can you be expected to become like or do what another person does.  Let alone, have the same relationships, types of relationships or meet and know people like another person has met or knows.  Any and every MLM company out there will train you to find YOUR WHY, they don’t assign you one.   If everyone’s WHY is different wouldn’t there HOW be different too?  If you enter the industry with a well-established network this business is a ride, but if you are building a network within the business it’s a journey.

So, if you truly desire success within the MLM Industry you need to study and follow leaders for one purpose and one purpose alone.  To Find Your Voice!

When you find your voice, your way of speaking, communicating, and connecting with people your success will be inevitable.  You simply need to move forward.   Ultimately, your voice is the only voice that matters.   That being said, while you’re finding your voice LEVERAGE the voice of those within your network that are generating the results you seek.

mlm_duplicationDon’t make any effort to become someone you are not, that is not required, necessary or an intelligent way of building your business.  Ultimately to reach the top you will need to become the best YOU, you can become – by stretching, and growing as a person to do the things that are outside your current comfort zone and reality.

So if people are not duplicatible in MLM, what’s MLM Duplication about?

When it comes to MLM duplication there are only 3 things you can actually duplicate they are:

  • Activity
  • Concepts
  • Systems

To reach the top of any MLM pay plan you will need to take massive action.  This business is rooted in action.  Duplicating the efforts and actions of the leaders you respect in the MLM profession over a significant period of time is the single greatest thing you can do to ensure your success.  What you currently lack in skill you can and must make up with numbers and massive action.

You can also duplicate the concepts that drive the MLM industry.  The primary concept you need to duplicate is inviting, exposing, and closing prospects that are in your warm market.  Then tying those individuals who get started into a community and helping them do the same.  This is obvious, but what may not be obvious is that this concept and method is what is duplicatable.  Having and/or creating a warm market is what is NOT duplicatable.  Every relationship is different, because every person is differnent they all don’t begin, grow, or develop in the same fashion.   What to do with your warm market is duplicatable, and what you must duplicate – not how to create a warm market.  Creating and growing your warm market is up to you.

The last principle that can be duplicated is the use of systems.  If you are struggling to build a team in your MLM company you have to learn to point, guide, and direct your prospects to those that have the skills you currently lack.  Your MLM company has some type of system whether it’s an opportunity meeting, a video presentation, a webinar, or a DVD you need to use these tools instead of trying to be the tool.   You’ve got to learn to promote yourself through the tools with a simple invitation.  Then tie your prospects into a 3 way call with a leader you resonate with and trust.  You’ve got to establish a relationship of trust with your leaders so that your edification of the leaders is genuine and not some fabrication or hype.  If there’s a secret to MLM duplication it’s now yours!

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