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The Power Of Part Time

by James Yancey

The Power Of Part Time

Network Marketing - The Power of Part TimeWhen it comes to building a Network Marketing business most people are drawn to the “BIG CHECKS.”  While the big numbers show what’s possible and what can be earned with the right game plan, product, skill set, and team in this industry.  It’s the little checks that make up the bulk of this business, it’s the extra $100 to $1000 made part time that continues to come in month after month after month that changes so many lives in this industry.

The power of part time is one of the most amazing things about the Network Marketingbusiness model.  Organizations can and will grow extremely fast when a system and foundation is in place and the business is worked properly.  That’s why a part time schedule with as little as 2 to 10 focused hours per week can be so powerful.  This business is the only vehicle on the planet that I’ve ever seen for the average person to create wealth through leveraging effort, a simple game plan, and the power of part time.

Compounding and Leverage – The Power Of Part Time

Ultimately, compounding and leverage is the key ingredient that makes the Network Marketing business model work.  Compounding only happens when the people come together and work in unison towards their individual goals.  When people work in unison in a Network Marketing business you can harness combined effort, ability, manpower, and contacts toward a common goal.  This compounding creates leverage, sales, new distributors, and therefore residual income.  If you’re working your business part time you have to focus on creating and leading in ways that can easily be duplicated by your team.  Without leverage and the duplication of effort there is little money in this business, simply because it’s not a business designed on your effort or sales alone.   This business requires the consistent persistent effort of a group and it’s within a team effort and the power of part time that the magic is created.

Duplication – The Power Of Part Time

Network Marketing - The Power of Part TimeAll in all Network Marketing is a business of duplication not innovation.  While 95% of the industry is looking to duplicate words, skills, and presentations – the 5% making the big money know that you’re simply looking to duplicate effort and simple actions.  In this business we are looking for people who want more out of life and we lead them based on our actions.  Look at is this way, If you’re not putting forth the effort how can you expect to gain anything?  If you’re not putting forth consistent and persistent effort how can you expect someone to follow your lead?  If you’re not being genuine in your message how can you expect it to impact people’s lives?

Network Marketingis a numbers game and any game requires you be engaged in the game if you want to win.  The great thing is you can play this game and put the power of part time to work for you.  To be successful you’ve got to be focused part time you can’t possible play to win with spare time.  This business requires focus, and you’re focus needs to be on exposing “NEW” people to your business.  Exposing new people to your business is the life blood of the business model.  Network Marketing is like any business if the business is not growing it’s dying, and the only way to ensure you’re business grows is if you learn to have an endless supply of people to speak with.  If you’re looking to connect with quality people to grow your Network Marketing business on a part time or full time basis and want a low tech way to connect with professionals I recommend you CLICK HERE NOW.

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