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How To Build Leaders In MLM

by James Yancey

How To Build Leaders In MLMIf you’ve been searching the internet for a blueprint on how to build an MLM business – STOP!  There is no blueprint – there are techniques and strategies and I share them openly on this blog.  Unfortunately, all the techniques and strategies are absolutely worthless without the right mindset and concepts.  To be successful in any business you first have to develop the right mindset and then implement the proper concepts consistently.  If you’ve been involved in MLM for anytime or are new to the game – the first thing you need to accept is that MLM is a leadership business.  The only way to create a successful business is to find and develop leaders.

Building any business starts with leadership – in MLM leadership starts with you!  You must follow simple principles to build your MLM team.  The first step is to BE or DEVELOP into a leader yourself – you will  never attract and retain a leader in your enterprise until you are become one.  Until you whole heartedly accept that it’s up to you to lead the pack – you will struggle.  Embrace your ability to communicate, organize, commit, and follow through – I know these qualities are already in you.  If they weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Lead From The Front – How To Build Leaders In MLM

If you haven’t heard this concept before write it down now “The speed of the leader determines the speed of the group.”  This concept is the game – focus on your production first.  STOP concerning yourself with what anyone else is doing.  You are either a leader or you’re following a leader – you can’t lead your team by following their activity – you must lead their activity, and lead from the front.  If you choose to do this and consistently produce results over time, the magic will kick in.  First others outside your team will notice, and then the company will notice, and then your team.  You have to earn the right to lead others through your own efforts, struggles, and victories.  There may be preferred paths, but there are no easy roads to the top. 

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No One Is Doing Anything – Building MLM Leaders

I hear this one all the time, why isn’t anyone doing anything.  The guru’s will claim, you’re doing something others can’t duplicate.  My belief is if you’ve got time to focus on what others are doing you’re most likely doing little to nothing yourself.   A confused mind does nothing – you’ve got be clear in your own vision first.  We’ve all been taught some will, some won’t, so what, some one’s waiting, next.  It’s your business set the tone, be unafraid to set the expectations for your team, and lead them into action immediately the right individuals will follow your lead.

MLM is not a management business – MLM is not a traditional business, you must be a do it first leader.  If you can take the concepts in this post to heart you and your business will change for the better.  Always remember, you can only manage things – you must lead people.

Lead Them – How To Build MLM Leaders

The players on your team as you develop your business will do what you consistently do.  They will want what they see you starting to have.  Understand that it may not be money initially your team could want confidence, results, customers, recognition, piece of mind, or freedom.

Look at it this way – is it possible to give accurate driving directions if you your self are lost?  I think I just saw a light bulb go off.  You have to determine where you are going – before you can ever comfortably ask someone else to come along for the ride.

Building Leaders In MLM Is About Your Vision

Building Leaders In MLMYou have to have a vision, and it has to be BIG!  In order to truly lead someone else you have to have a vision that is larger than theirs.  How can you possibly lead someone who has a larger vision, goal, purpose, and desire than you?  How can you attract someone who has a 7 figure goal and work ethic if all you want is some “extra money”?

Develop your vision, develop your schedule, develop your work ethic – and then focus on making genuine connections in the time you have allotted.  Be consistent, work harder than you thought was required, for longer than you think is necessary – in other words, go the extra mile.

So never forget that you’re goals must encompass the goals of the individuals on your team, and you need to demonstrate that you’re working towards your goals – and you’ve invited your team to come along for the ride.

A BIG vision makes people naturally attracted to you.  Leaders do what’s necessary, not what is fun, popular, or easy.  If you desire to make an impact, create your dream income or lifestyle – you are absolutely in the right industry – now let’s get to it!

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