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Tim Sales Review – The MLM Secrets Tim Sales Won’t Teach You!

by James Yancey

First let me say, Tim Sales is awesome!

Tim Sales MLM Tim Sales is one of the best communicators I’ve come across in MLM.  He explains MLM without any of the hype, and the techniques he teaches flat out work.  I personally own his professional inviter series and found it a valuable and worthy investment even though I quickly learned what it was missing and why it couldn’t help me beyond were – I already was in my MLM business.

Before I tell you EXACTLY what you won’t learn with Tim Sales, first let’s cover what you will learn.  Tim Sales teaches what he calls the INVITING FORMULA, which is – how to gain rapport with a prospect and find out what they want so you’ll know if they are ready to review a business or a 3rd party tool.  He also teaches how to effectively handle the prospects objections.  Tim Sales even has a 3rd party tool available for his followers that’s designed to explain the MLM industry and the compensation model,  all while adding credibility to the industry, it is without a doubt a must see for any new distributor.  So, Tim Sales offers a lot of value for the right MLM distributor and MLM prospect.

So let’s get into what Tim Sales won’t teach you.

The first thing Tim Sales won’t teach you is, who his product works for and which prospects his products work on.  You see – Tim Sales teachings are designed for MLM distributors that believe the way to build their business is by leading with the MLM industry selling the industry and then following up with their MLM opportunity.  This method of recruiting works, but only works for exposing new people to the industry.  By using this sponsoring method you’re teaching your prospects to put their belief into the MLM industry then into an MLM company.  Tim Sales products are not designed to attract people to you as a leader they are designed for MLM distributors that want to buy leads, cold call, or recruit friends and family.

Tim Sales knows this and if you are reading this, I’m sure you know that to be successful in the MLM industry you must attract leaders, and leaders don’t join companies leaders join leaders.

So, if you are looking to brand the MLM industry or brand your MLM company to attract prospects, Tim Sales maybe the mentor you’re looking for.

But if you are serious about setting yourself apart from the crowd and branding yourself as a leader, and having prospects want to join you prior to even speaking with you then you need to invest in a system that is designed to brand you as the leader MLM distributors are looking for.  Tim Sales has his own system – CLICK HERE and learn how to create yours.

MLM Secrets Tim Sales Won't Teach You!

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