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3 Offline MLM Marketing Strategies That Work

by James Yancey

3 Offline MLM Marketing Strategies That Work

If you’ve run out of people to talk to and are looking for new prospects to expose to your MLM business, you’ve got to adopt the simple practice of adding 3 to 5 new people on your list per day.  In order to do this you have to fully commit to concept of prospecting while you’re out as well as implement some simple offline MLM strategies to help you build your list.  The sooner you implement this philosophy, mindset, and marketing into your business the sooner your MLM prospect list will expand beyond your current warm market. 

$100 drop cards – Offline MLM Marketing Strategies That Work

Offline MLM Strategy - $100 Drop Cards If you’ve never seen or used $100 drop cards you’ve been missing out on prospects and some fun.  $100 drop cards can be used almost anywhere some of my favorite places to leave them are gas stations, ATM’s, newspaper stands, inside books, and randomly dropping them when out and about.  Drop cards are an effective offline MLM strategy because people flat out like money.  The drop cards I use and recommend look extremely authentic.  Authentic looking $100 drop cards work on a psychological level, think about it like this can you see yourself throwing away $100?  Of course not, neither do prospects – so you really increase the likelihood of them holding on to the card.  Then it all comes down to the the words or copy you put on the drop cards.  It is extremely important to spark your prospects curiosity and lead them to take the desired action.  You can lead them to a sizzle call that captures their name and number or a website.  If you choose to filter your offline MLM prospects to a website it should proactively request their contact information so you can effectively follow up.  You’ll be surprised how this inexpensive offline MLM marketing strategy will begin to yield results.  Have fun with it and be creative.  Best of all if your company has a worthwhile compensation plan 1 to 2 new reps should cover the cost of this campaign.  So, be sure to use the $100 drop cards with the expectation of success.  So get started CLICK HERE to get your $100 drop cards today! 

The Fish Bowl – Offline MLM Marketing Strategies That Work

Offline MLM Strategy - Fish Bowl MarketingThe fish bowl strategy is one that has been used for years typically by financial advisors.  I’ll bet if you have a business card you’ve probably dropped it in a fish bowl in an attempt to win a free lunch or dinner.  Why wouldn’t you?  This offline MLM strategy flat out works implement it and you will certainly generate business cards and new people to talk too.  Best of all you can call each and every person who drops a card in your fish bowl marketing funnel.  Have fun with it, build rapport with the prospect based on the restaurant and their card.   Be prepared and in a friendly no pressure way invite these prospects to review your opportunity.  If you have any free information of value that may be applicable to any of these prospects be sure to give them access to that too.  Look to make a connection – not simply pitch your opportunity.  Be sure to find out if these prospects are on Facebook and keep the conversation going.  This offline MLM strategy can help you build relationships with quality professionals and sponsor them into you business immediately and over time. 

The Book Stamp – Offline MLM Marketing Strategies That Work

Offline MLM Strategy - The Book Stamp The book stamp is another offline MLM strategy that I’ve used with success to generate leads and sponsor new reps.  Any serious offline MLM marketing strategy should include the book stamp because of it’s simplicity and duplication.  Literally anyone can do it, and it’s cheap and easy – it’s also not limited to books.  You can also stamp post cards, post it notes, fliers, and more.  Be creative, be respectful, and look to create positive exposure for yourself and you will surely create some inbound leads for your MLM business.  One of my favorite methods of using the book stamp is when donating old books.  I personally read a lot of marketing and personal development books.  So I’m constantly and consistently buying new and used books.  When I’m done with a book I’ll stamp it and donate the book to the library or a book drive.  This is great because the donation can potentially be a tax write off as well as create incoming leads from like minded individuals.  In this business we are all looking for people with like minds – why not seek them through books?  Another great technique is to give a used book to someone you meet at a live event.  If you make the book visibile someone will certainly asks you about the book, if they have interest in it and you make a connection – give it to them.  This not only helps build a relationship it uses the law of reciprocity and creates a reason to exchange information for follow up.  One last tip when using the book stamp strategy don’t go crazy – you never want to stamp a book more than 5 times, once in the beginning, middle, and end.  If the book relates to what your doing stamp it no more than 2 more times in areas that it’s appropriate.  For example, stamp a chapter about multiple streams of income, prosperity, or any trigger chapter or thought that could possibly aid you in getting your prospect to take action.    The book stamp is an incredibly easy long term offline MLM marketing strategy. 

Offline MLM Marketing Strategies Work

When it comes to offline MLM marketing you want to have things that are low cost, low effort, and have a compounding effect.  All three of these offline MLM strategies possess these traits and an incredible duplicatable marketing opportunity.  You and anyone on your team can implement any or all of these strategies immediately to begin driving traffic to your MLM business.  Like any marketing strategy these offline MLM strategies detailed here require consistency and persistency and will definitely yield results to the person who’s willing to take action.  

James Yancey is building an incredible team and community within Ambit Energy using traditional prospecting as well as offline and online marketing methods to attract like minded individuals who recognize Ambit Energy as the premier company in Network Marketing that is offering an opportunity like no other in the history of the industry.

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