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The Dirty Little Secret About Learning “HOW TO” Generate MLM Leads

by James Yancey

How do I generate MLM leads, who do I talk to about this, how do I find the right people to talk to?  No matter how it’s asked, it’s the question that frustrated distributors most often ask.

I remember when I was new and I asked the #1 producer in my previous business what his system was to generate leads, and his overall process to find business builders.  What was interesting was he seemed confused by the question, his answer was, “just talk to more people.”  Interestingly enough that was his answer to everything.  So, if you’re struggling to locate motivated prospects I know what you’re going through and what you’re dealing with and things can definitely change for the better.

That being said, what I didn’t understand then – that I do now is that my problem was not the #1 producers problem – and his solution was not a solution that fit what I wanted to do or what I was willing to do, and if there was a mistake made, I made it . I was asking a guy who had no system for a system to generate mlm leads.

Why do I tell you this, well the fact is asking “HOW TO” generate MLM leads is actually the wrong question!  It’s the wrong question because it positions you for THEIR answer and whatever answer they give you. (Their answer may not be the solution for you).

The Truth Is…  (How To Generate MLM Leads)

Truth be told most people who have the ability to generate leads believe the best way to generate leads is the way they’re doing it.  (Just look around online – everyone thinks there way is the best – don’t be confused by this.)  Simply put, there is no real copy & paste method to generate leads.  Marketing is not as easy as copy and paste if it was every commercial for let’s say cars would be the exact same – and they’re not.  If you look at what’s being marketed around you – you can see that marketing changes based on the audience, trends, the product, the age of the audience, location, and more.  Therefore you marketing must change too.

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So, the dirty little secrets is that while many “leaders” promote copy & paste methods the fact is what works for them, may not work for you, what works for me, may not work for you, (what worked for my upline did not work for me) – this is why you must learn to marketing principles not simply marketing techniques to achieve long term success.

This is why the correct question you should ask leaders is “Which MLM  lead generation method should I learn to master first (or next)?”  And, in my opinion the first marketing skill you must learn is prospecting or “to talk to people.”  The truth is, if your uncomfortable talking to people you know – you’ll be uncomfortable talking to people you don’t know – whether they are “leads” or not.

When you’re comfortable talking to people, you can enroll distributors, get referrals, and most importantly find out what your target audience wants and needs.  When you understand and can uncover what people want and need you can easily market to your prospect desires.  Successful marketers we market to our audience’s wants and needs and if you, your product, or your opportunity is the solution to who you’re marketing to – positive results will naturally follow.

Understanding what others want and offering them a viable solution is what opens up, marketing techniques that allow you to attract leads.

When you understand what others want – it doesn’t really matter whether you’re using paid advertising, social media, blogging, or videos to attract your audience.  So, if there is a secret to becoming a master marketer it is to choose the best marketing method that suits your personality, budget, and skill set – and then delivers your solution to that audience based on their wants, needs, and desires.

Your Partner In Success,

James Yancey

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