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Why Would Anyone Join You? Understanding the You Inc. Business Model

by James Yancey

The You Inc. Business Model

Implement The You INC., Business Model Now!Have you ever received Spam in your email, on your Facebook wall, or maybe even one of those annoying voice broadcast phone calls?  Has anyone you barely know ever contacted you and went on and on pitching you on a business opportunity?  I’ll bet they have.  If you’ve been involved in Network Marketing for any length of time, it’s coming.  Even with the best opportunity on earth – anyone with any business savvy is going to look at ANY opportunity through a set of eyes that asks this simple question.  “WHY WOULD I JOIN YOU?”  Perhaps this is a new idea for you, so look at it this way.  The opportunity you present may be great, the compensation plan may be phenomenal, the leadership could be amazing, the training could be absolutely life changing, but the question remains – why would any potential prospect be better off joining you than anyone else.  What makes you worth partnering with?

Every Network Marketing opportunity on the planet is presented as the best thing since sliced bread, we all know this.  There are some great companies and some not so great companies, and none the less there are people making money in the great ones and the not so great ones.  The company’s value is always the same for everyone inside the opportunity, the timing may not be the same, but certainly the resources and compensation plan are the same.  That’s why you need to focus on YOU and what value you bring to the opportunity?  You need to learn the You Inc. business model.


So, What is the You Inc. Business Model Anyway?

The You Inc., business model is where YOU hold the value – not the business opportunity.  Simply put, the You Inc., business model is based around you as an individual and your specific talents and skills rather than the MLM Company in which you are a distributor.

Network Marketing is a serious business, and the only business on the planet that allows you to build a sweat equity business, that’s scalable to infinity, with your only focus and responsibility being production.

The You Inc., business model is one were you market the skills you currently have and are attaining to build a sales and marketing organization.  The value that you offer is your ability to train, teach, and transfer your value to those who are looking for that skillset and value.  Your Network Marketing business or opportunity is always the back end of the You Inc., business plan.

Understanding the You Inc. Business Model

Brace yourself this may hurt a bit, I’ll bet it safe to say there are probably many people who may currently be better at sponsoring, better at recruiting, training, public speaking, and retailing than you.  Another MLM company may have better products or services than your MLM Company, but one thing is certain; NO ONE will ever be better at being you than you.  You’re in complete control when you understand that what you’re offering to the market place is you.  Your leadership, your training, your game plan, your marketing skills, your accountability – you’re offering the marketplace you.  That’s why when you find people who embrace you, no one can be better at being you – than you.

Implementing the You Inc. Business Model

People eagerly purchase what they perceive as genuinely valuable.  That is why the You Inc., business model beings and ends with offering and sharing value.  You already have valuable experience in your life that can be applied to helping someone else succeed.  You also have the ability to learn and implement techniques and strategies to help yourself and others succeed in Network Marketing.  You want to share this value with others.  This sharing of value is an Attraction Marketing Model, and attracts like-minds to you looking for value like magic.

Attraction Marketing works online and offline, and is laser focused on providing value to the people that want it.  Allowing you to attract to you those looking for what you offer – giving you a business that can allow you to earn income even from those not interested in your MLM opportunity.  Giving you the power to build any company you choose.  Allowing you to truly build a business that you own and control, while at the same time building a back end MLM business that you believe in.

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