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3 Ways To Build A MLM Prospects List

by James Yancey

There are only 3 ways to build a MLM prospects list.

  • Warm Market
  • Business Networking
  • Direct Response Marketing

Every MLM prospects list needs to begin with the warm market list.

The warm market MLM prospects list can be created in many ways.  Your warm market MLM prospects list begins with the initial list of potential customers and business partners you’ve farmed from your mind and onto a written list.  The next place to harvest more names is from your cell phone.  Go through A to Z, and select the individuals you want to contact first.  However, don’t forget about the remaining contacts in your cell phone after you contact your initial MLM prospects list.  The MLM prospects list is a dynamic document and will grow and shrink as you add and remove people from the list.   You can also add to your MLM prospects list by brainstorming on the professionals you already know such as doctors, lawyers, real estate agents etc.  You should also make a detailed list of any professional or businesses you regularly spend money with such as restaurants, dry cleaners, accountants, insurance agents, day care or lawn care providers etc.  Most companies will have tools like a memory jogger to help you develop you’re list and your distributors lists of warm market MLM prospects.

MLM prospects list

Most Network Marketers stop at the warm market list; however, if you truly desire to succeed in Network Marketing you will need to continue to grow your MLM prospects list by networking with business professionals.

Some of the best place to locate professional contacts would be through chamber of commerce events, real estate investor groups, toast masters groups, BNI groups, and through to name a few.  At these events you will want to lead with value or as an information resource to the people within these networks and not simply lead with your business opportunity.  Obviously, you want to build a relationship with these professionals this can happen quickly or overtime.   As you build relationships be sure to add the individuals you have a rapport with to your MLM prospects list.  Never forget that MLM recruiting is a process not an event.  Look to develop relationships not simply make a contact or complete an exposure; this will increase your professionalism in the eyes of others, your value, and elevate the opportunity you’ve chosen.

The only automated way to add to your MLM prospects list is through direct response marketing.


However this method requires the most expertise and requires a financial investment to get up and running.  Direct response marketing can be very effective and are a great way to continue to add to your MLM prospects list in addition to your warm market list and business networking.  Direct response marketing is an art form and can be used to directly look for MLM prospects for your primary MLM opportunity or to create of list of Network Marketers by leading with generic information of value.  The primary challenge with direct response marketing is that is not duplicable by the masses because of the cost, the creativity, the upfront offer, and the overall skill set required.  Ultimately even with direct response marketing you still need to be able to build rapport and a relationship with the prospect in order to properly lead them through your MLM’s marketing process, collect a decision, and then get your prospect started in a way that leads them to the best possible start so they can have the best probability of creating immediate results.

The best of the 3 MLM prospects list methods to choose is the way that suites you.

Whichever methods you choose you need to be able to implement something immediately.  Few networkers know how to do all 3. If you ever plan to become a master networker you will need to learn, implement, and be able to teach all 3 strategies so that you can attract all 3 types of Network Marketers to your organization.  If you have several legs of leaders that understand each type of strategy you will undoubtedly be able to create a network that can thrive in any MLM product category, and create a true residual walk away income.  You simply need to master developing and growing your MLM prospects list.

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