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The 4 Reasons Why MLM Works – Why People Stick Around

by James Yancey

Some Prospects Want To Know Why MLM Works

Why MLM WorksHave you ever had a prospect that kept asking questions?  Questions that they themselves said were silly or a prospect who apologized for asking so many questions?  If you’re actively working your MLM business, I’ll bet you have.  These prospects don’t ask directly, but what they are really trying to figure out is Why MLM Works.  Your prospect probably understands how MLM works, yet they want to know Why MLM Works and answering this question can help them understand why MLM can work for them.  Since it’s up to us as distributors to answer that question, let’s tackle it in detail.  The short answer is, MLM is a business of the people for the people and it works because people are emotional.  People involved in MLM knowingly and unknowingly make an emotional attachment to 1 of 4 primary elements of the business.  In this blog post I will detail the 4 primary reasons and elements that make up Why MLM Works.

The 1st Reason Why MLM Works – Hope

Why MLM WorksHope is the primary reason Why MLM Works.  Every person involved in MLM has hope.  Hope for a better life or simply the hope of making additional money.   Many hope they can improve their lifestyle or even create a dream lifestyle.  Hope is the engine that drives the action that people take to achieve results.  The stronger the reasons why someone is involved in this business the more likely they will achieve their desired results.  Hope is one of the strongest human emotions and has been proven to play a direct impact on results.  Obviously hope is not enough to succeed, but it’s also obvious that the loss of hope makes success impossible.  If you’ve been around this business for anytime I’m sure you’ve seen some amazing examples of how hope, the will to succeed, and action have driven ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.  Ordinary people creating fortunes within this industry is something that people can relate to, and hope to achieve – these reasons and countless others is why hope is the primary reason Why MLM Works.

The 2nd Reason Why MLM Works – Money

Why MLM WorksMoney is an important part of the Why MLM Works equation.  We’ve discussed the hope of making money.  So, when someone makes money in this industry even if it’s a small amount initially the accomplishment often re-enforces their hopes, dreams, and goals.  This income creates an emotional attachment to their goals and this attachment increases when the person begins earning money on an ongoing and residual basis.  Making money has a way of justifying the cost whether that cost is time invested, effort, or even a financial investment.  Residual income is the most powerful form of income in the world so getting paid month after month – plays a huge impact on Why MLM Works.

The 3rd Reason Why MLM Works – Relationships

Why MLM WorksThe relationships created within a group of positive, self-motivated individuals, taking action towards their goals plays a huge role in Why MLM Works.  The relationships created through being part of team is something that can’t be measured.  Within a large organization every relationship imaginable can be created and found, so the friendships and partnerships in a group of like-minded people is an amazingly strong bond that goes beyond the ties to the MLM Company.  The relationships people create are a huge reason Why MLM Works.

The 4th Reason Why MLM Works – Products

Why MLM WorksOddly enough more often than not the product plays the smallest role in Why MLM Works.  Don’t get me wrong the product is important and within this industry there are many products that are superior to what’s available anywhere else in marketplace.  Distributors must have a high level of belief in the product they represent so that the action to be successful can be taken.  That being said, the industry is driven primarily by people’s hopes, dreams, and goals the income that is created by individuals pursing their hope, dreams, and goals and the relationships they create within a community of like-minded people.  MLM is a powerful business model and I hope this information helps you have a better understanding and gives you an improved ability to explain Why MLM Works.

Why MLM Works

James Yancey is building an incredible team and community within Ambit Energy using traditional and online methods to attract like minded individuals who recognize Ambit Energy as the premier company in Network Marketing that is offering an opportunity like no other in the history of the industry.

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