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Eliminate the Pain of Rejection in Your MLM Prospecting Now!

by James Yancey

Rejection Kills MLM Businesses

rejectionUnfortunately, rejection has ended countless MLM businesses before they even had a chance to get started.  Let’s face the facts EVERYONE hates rejection, most don’t have and will not develop a high enough self-esteem to endure rejection, and lastly everyone in the MLM industry would like to have more tips and MLM recruiting training on rejection free prospecting.  If you are looking for rejection free MLM prospecting training– you’ve found what you’re looking for.  Pay close attention, take note, and most importantly implement what you learn here immediately.

You Don’t Have To Face Rejection In MLM

What’s interesting is rejection is never considered when making a genuine recommendation, referral, or suggestion.  Think about it, when you tell someone about a sale, a movie, a restaurant – do you take it personal if they express no interest?  I’ll bet you don’t.  So, why is it that you position your business opportunity in a way that allows you to feel rejected?  Have you ever taken the time to recognize the differences between the two types of recommendations?  Why is one different than the other?

The answers are actually really simple – think of this – the sale, the movie, & the restaurant are conversational.  Secondly, because it’s n0atural and you automatically have the correct posture – you’re either neutral or don’t care about the outcome.  Lastly, the sale, the movie, or the restaurant – surround entertainment, recreation, and sales for some reason are more socially accepted than way to make money.

Rejection FREE MLM Prospecting

rejectionTo implement rejection free prospecting into your MLM business you have to learn to make natural suggestions based on your prospects needs.  You’ve got to learn to naturally invite based on your prospects needs NOT YOUR OWN.  I’ll bet you are recommending your business based on your needs, wants, and desires and not your prospects.  You’ve simply got to find out what THEY want FIRST.  Then if and only if appropriate and in the context of the conversation tell them you may have discovered a way that can help them get what they want.  A simple rejection free example would be something like this “when you said you wanted to __________, were you serious?  Well, I can’t promise you anything, but I met someone who may be able to help you get __________.

This is simply an example of how you can leverage your up line, make a natural referral, take the pressure off yourself, and keep it simple.  When done this way they can never reject you or your opportunity – you haven’t given them the opportunity too.  You’ve simply given them the opportunity to choose to receive more information.  When it comes to marketing outside your warm market – nothing changes, be conversational, focus on giving information of value in the right context, lastly be the messenger – not the message. 

Increasing Your Exposures – Rejection FREE MLM Prospecting

The good news is you can creativly prospect in a rejection free manner.  The bad news is you won’t have complete control over the number of exposures to your business utilizing this style of marketing as – it’s more of a passive approach.  If you want to increase your exposures and still enjoy rejection prospecting in your MLM business there is only one solution.  You must master direct response marketing.  Why limit your business to only Networking?  This business is Network Marketing, and marketing is the skill that will allow you to dominate any Network Marketing company.  I recommend anyone looking to control their ability to grow their business with rejection free prospecting techniques implement an Attraction Marketing System.  Imagine what your business would look like if you had an endless supply of interested prospects that wanted to speak with you?  What if you could easily implement an Attraction Marketing System – generate interested and eager open minded leads on demand, and even make money of those that chose not to partner with your Network Marketing Company?


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