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How To Handle 2 Common MLM Objections

by James Yancey

How To Handle MLM ObjectionsIn this blog post, I’m going to share with you some of my MLM sponsoring secrets in regards to handling MLM objections.  To get the maximum value out of this post and handle any and all MLM objections like a pro it all starts with the right mindset.  MLM Recruiting should be stress free – if you’re playing the game to win, are consistent and persistent, continue to learn and grow as a MLM prospector success becomes inevitable.  So, leave you’re expectation at the door, let go of any attachment to the outcome, and embrace the MLM objections that may appear.  MLM objections are actually a buying sign – people who aren’t interested don’t have questions – what you think are objections are often requests for more information.

MLM Objections – The Money Objection

One of the most common MLM objections is the money objection and there are several different money objections you may face while building your MLM business.  The king of them all is the – “I don’t have the money” objection.  Think of this MLM objection as “A Wake Up Call.”  Your prospect needs – to wake up.  They are in a pattern – what else are these prospects telling themselves they “can’t afford”?  It’s your duty to interrupt this limiting pattern.  You’ve got to be calm and comfortable with yourself and the situation in order to address the money objection properly.

I would respond to this particular money objection with something like – “How does not having the money to take advantage of what you see as an opportunity make you feel?”  Then LISTEN!  Listening to their response is the key to MLM prospecting, recruiting, inviting, coaching, and leading.  Re-read that last sentence as often as you like – if there is a secret to handling MLM objections that’s it!

You’ll want to follow up with a question based on their response, if appropriate a great option is – “How many other things have you missed out on in life because you didn’t have the money?  Again, LISTEN!  Then, if it’s appropriate go for the close, “If there was a way that we could create a game plan to get you started would you want to learn how you can now get started?”  When it’s a yes – you’ve been given permission to sign them up or simply start getting their list.  “How do you want your name to show up on you paycheck and where do you want it sent?” are great ways to get them started or you can get their list – “who is the most influential person you’re connected to”?

If you don’t have a game plan to get people who either genuinely don’t have the money or are hesitant to spend those dollars to get started and into action – you are missing the boat, especially if you’re working in your or your teams warm market.  In a cold market situation you may want to say next – it’s up to you and should be dictated by your lead flow, remember its your business.

MLM Objections – The 2nd Money Objection

This next money objection is not as common as the first – however it can still come up, covering this one will help you understand the mental side of MLM prospecting and recruiting.  Let’s cover the – “Why does this business cost money objection?”  The answer most MLM reps give there prospects is because it’s a business or you’re getting this starter kit, a website, and XYZ, blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, this type of answer is simply a weak answer, any answer you give a prospect that “justifies anything” is weak.  Any answer or explanation you give should be in the form of a question.  Posture in MLM is you leading and controlling the conversation in a relaxed, experienced, professional manner.  Here is how I would answer the “why does it cost money” question.  “Great question, (name) well in partnering with our team you are hiring us to help get you off to a fast start and ultimately help you get (repeat – what they want).  Obviously our system and support is extremely valuable, let me ask you this what is most important to you in terms of support and training?”  Again LISTEN to their answer and take notes and close.

MLM Objections – Research

Ok, this one – I’ll bet has your attention.  Regardless of who you are – how much experience you have you’re going to run into the “I need to do some research” MLM objection.  You’ve got to embrace this one.  In this situation, the worst thing you can do is try to talk them out of doing research (sell them).  You need to be agreeable – when this one comes up.  Being agreeable show’s your support.  Do you really want anyone on your team who is unsure, unfocused, and in research mode after they’ve started – anyway?

Keep in mind after you’ve showed them you support their research – show them you’re strength and confidence.  Here is how I would handle this.

“Absolutely I understand – please do your research, You’ll find out that (name the company) is well documented and there are 100’s of articles and videos available for you to review.  That way if you do decide to take control of your life and get (re-state their goal) you want you’ll have the information at hand when you connect with someone who requires more time to make decisions.  If you’re like me, you won’t want to work with anyone who isn’t serious about their success when joining our team.   So, please take all the time you need – I certainly want to make sure that (name of the company) is for you before I spend my valuable time training you.”

This works on many levels, people expect to be sold and they expect you to try to convince them, this is posture at work.  Lastly people hate to be considered indecisive – you’ve said they were indecisive without saying it.  People want to be viewed as decision makers – this approach gives the prospect the opportunity to show you their level of motivation.

MLM Objections – Have FUN With Them!

How To Handle MLM ObjectionsNever let people or simple MLM Objections get to you.  You have the prize and the upper hand, you’re the one with the opportunity get comfortable with that fact. Remember that questions are the key and listening is the answer – following this guide without any attachment to the outcome and you’ll soon prospect fearlessly.

Got MLM Objections?

Hit me with your best shot!  Use the comments section below and hit me with the objection that’s got you stumped – and let’s have some fun with it!

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