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Why Recruiting Up Is A Lie!

by James Yancey

If you’re reading this you’ve probably been told by your sponsor “you’ve got to recruit up!”

I’m here to tell you they are flat-out wrong, and may be lying to you! I don’t care how much money your sponsor has made, what kind of car they drive, or even what your results you had following the recruit up philosophy. Recruiting up does not work! You may wonder how I can so confidently make such a bold statement, well keep reading and you’ll learn the “REAL” truth.

Before I expose why recruiting up doesn’t work, lets quickly review what we all already know and that is recruiting involves you reaching out a person or business to join you in your business. That being said, recruiting up then involves you reaching out to a person or business that YOU believe has more connections or value than yourself, and then asking them to join poor, unconnected, little old you – in your business.

RECRUITING UP – GET REAL! Unfortunately People Are Flawed

We all prejudge even though we shouldn’t. Deep down inside we all know that recruiting up is BS, but we hope our prospect will “see the opportunity.” You know what your prospect sees, they see YOU! People don’t join businesses, people join people. If you’re already “TRYING” to recruit up, don’t make the mistake of feeling good when your prospect says, I’ll think about it, or I need to do some research. They are really thinking why, should I join you?

You’ve got to give them a reason to join you!

You’re probably asking yourself, well then how do I get quality people? That’s a great question with an easy answer and solution. Become a quality person, yourself! Learn some simple skills and brand yourself around those skills. Offer value, teach, train, coach, and most importantly be VISIBLE!

Offer solutions, be a problem solver. If you do this you’ll never have to recruit up, you’ll simply recruit at your own level or help others raise their level, and they will love you for it.

You may be thinking, how do you expect me to do that? Well it’s easier than you think. But it all starts with you. You’ve got to decide you’re ready to create a business with you at the head of a system. You’ve got to decide to invest in yourself and brand yourself as a person of influence. You’ve got to decide you’re ready to stop chasing prospects and learn how to have prospects chase you. You need a formula to sponsor quality and quantity and a system to duplicate the process.  Click the banner below to see the MLM Sponsoring Formula I use.

Attraction Marketing System

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