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How To Sponsor MLM Reps

by James Yancey

The key to unlocking the door to success and Sponsor MLM Reps can be simplified to one word.  The interesting thing is the key to Sponsor MLM Reps is easy – so easy in fact that most people never grasp the simple answer.

Questions are the key to Sponsor MLM Reps and having an extraordinary life.

 The questions we ask ourselves determine what we ultimately think and do.  Our answers to the questions we propose either empower us to take action or deter us from taking action.  If you want to Sponsor MLM Reps you need to listen to your own thoughts first.   Once you actually know your own thought process, you and only you have the power and ability to question those thoughts.  Unless the questions you ask yourself are in alignment with your goals, and the answers to those questions are empowering you – you will always be stuck in the MLM mud, and have challenges working to Sponsor MLM Reps.

MLM leaders never make this critical mistake because it’s a surefire way not to Sponsor MLM Reps.

Unfortunately most MLM reps make statements and declarations in their own minds and out loud that make their success impossible.  “I don’t know who to talk too.”  “John Doe’s wouldn’t be interested in this.” “I can’t get anyone to do anything”………..  These are all statements, and we’ve heard them before out of the mouths of struggling MLM reps.   The statements are also pre-judging, and are all conclusions; you must seek solutions and be open to receive solutions.  Eliminate these types of statements from you business and life and you will instantly improve your ability to Sponsor MLM Reps.

Asking the appropriate questions and being comfortable asking questions is the only real secret to Sponsor MLM Reps.

Our answers to our own questions reflect the quality and affect our comfort-ability of the questions we ask our prospects.   The use of questions allow us to make friends, find out what’s important to people, and what motivates them.  The questions we ask our prospects, affect our ability to sponsor, and lead them.  Never ask a prospect what they think.  Always ask a prospect if what they saw made sense to them, and then ask them what they liked best.  Build a deeper rapport through asking questions about your prospects family, goals, and dreams.  Ask questions to find out when they were most motivated in their lives.  Ask your prospect questions that incorporate a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest to rate their answers, take notes – this will demonstrate your professionalism.   Create questions that open your prospects mind to the possibility of creating income within a team environment.  Mastering the art of questions and be comfortable asking questions unlock the only real secret to Sponsor MLM Reps.

Helping your prospect solve their own challenges with the right questions will increase your ability to Sponsor MLM Reps.

Offer solutions to objections through questions.  Learn to answer objections with questions, listen closely for what your prospect is actually telling you.   A good example is the money issue, when a prospect doesn’t have the money – ask a good question.  If the funds to start your business weren’t an issue who would be the first person you talked to?  Why would you talk to them first?  If there were some creative solutions to get started without the money would you want to know about them?  Another objection that can be solved with questions is the time issue.  If I did most of the work in the beginning to get your business moving, could you invest 2 to 5 hours per week, 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there to take advantage of what you just saw?  Outside of getting involved in this business do you have any other means to solve your lack of time challenge?  Did you know that some of the most successful people in this business are the busiest?  Would you like to hear how they managed their time?  All issues and challenges in life and business are solvable; the only way to ever solve a problem is by asking the right questions.  Questions are the simple key to successfully Sponsor MLM Reps.  CLICK HERE to learn the more secrets to Sponsor MLM Reps.

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