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Understanding The Science of MLM Duplication

by James Yancey

The Science of MLM Duplication

mlm duplicationIn MLM, duplication is the name of the game.  If you genuinely want to succeed inside Network Marketing in a big – big way you absolutely must create or be a part of an environment that embraces duplication.

I’ve been blogging a lot about MLM duplication lately, it’s been on my mind because of what I’m seeing inside my team, and what some of my coaching clients that are in other MLM companies are experiencing or not experiencing.

I’m all about sharing value, so I’m going to go even deeper on the elements of MLM duplication in this training.

In a nut shell, MLM duplication is getting a large group of people to do a few simple actions over an extended amount of time.  The problem many network marketer’s face is getting their new MLM reps started and into action immediately.  I for one certainly struggled and got extremely frustrated with getting people moving when I first got started, and now I consult with people now on a regular basis who are in that same position to help them breakthrough that hurdle.  What’s fascinating is how easy that problem is to fix, when you understand people and the nature of MLM duplication.

Unfortunately, for me and probably like you I didn’t have any coaching and I had to learn the hard way – from my own experience and from searching the internet.  That’s why I work to be that resource that I struggled and searched to find.

MLM Duplication Works On Six Components

And yes, you need all six – if you’re MLM Company, or team doesn’t have all six in place duplication will always be a greater challenge than it needs to be.  So if you believe in the MLM company and you’re already invested in it you’ll need to add the missing elements and make it happen!

As you read this keep in mind we are in the people business and 99% of the people who you sponsor or who join your business will be working the business part time.  It’s critical to keep everything as simple as possible.

The fact is how you sponsor people, is what they believe and perceive they will have to do in order to sponsor others.  So you want people to believe they can do what you’re doing and you want them to be able to see themselves doing what you’re doing.

I won’t BS, you.  You can move into things that are not as readily duplicable when and only when you develop into the leader you’re now becoming.  It’s important to understand that as your leadership skills grow to the point that people are joining YOU and not joining a business is when you can incorporate any sponsoring strategy you choose and still put people on a path to that duplicates.  Keep in mind, you’ve got to be a do it first leader and must remain willing, and able to demonstrate how to sponsor in the method you’re teaching new MLM reps. (Pssst.  You decide when you’re leadership has grown to the point of implementing your own strategies, not your company, title, upline, downline, sideline, or how much money you’ve made…  It’s your choice, it’s your business.)

The Six Steps of MLM Duplication

mlm duplicationStep 1 – A Mass Marketing Prospecting Tool – You need something for your distributors to be able to share be it a conference call, CD, video, and online presentation that would generate interest and ultimately all the details.

The goal of sharing any tool is to take the prospect to the next exposure.  In fact, the goal of any exposure is the next exposure.  (Even after their in the business, why do you think there are conference calls, weekly meetings, super Saturdays, and conventions!!!)

Step 2 – Warm Market Introduction tool – The only way to build in warm market is to use 3rd party tools, this is where you must learn to leverage your upline, and tools like a magazine, a CD, or an online presentation.  New distributors only need to invite their prospects to get some information to pique their interest; the information will always inspire those with an interest to get all the details.

They key is to not make this process about you. Make it about the tool. Make sure your new rep understands that it’s about the tool and putting people in front of that tool.  (This is where duplication breaks down, too choose to make it about them and will be the tool instead of leveraging a tool!)  Even if you’re doing something more advanced and not readily duplicable you must be outsourcing the presentation to a tool!  Be the messenger not the message!

Step 3 – Standardized Presentation – No matter where the presentation takes place, anywhere in the world, the presentation must be the same. Adding your own personal stories and personality is great but the same slides, topics and flow should be consistent.  This allows people to invite and invite and sponsor people long distance and know what they are sending their prospects too.  If your MLM company doesn’t enforce a standard presentation RUN!

Step 4 – Stair Steps – The most efficient way to sponsor a person is to take them through a series of steps.  With each step taking the level of exposure to a higher level – this is the critical component to building a team.  Every person and prospect is different for some people just get them to a presentation, for others they may need more exposures and the sponsoring process could look like this a 3rd party tool, a sizzle call, an online presentation, a 3 way call, a live event, and finally a super Saturday.  (You should be able to determine how to expose your initial list with the help of your sponsor or upline, and ALWAYS introduce your prospect to as many credible people and people with similar backgrounds to them as possible at events and through 3 way calls!)

Each time your prospect sees a presentation you want it to be at a greater level making it more real, opening their eyes, and giving them the social proof they require. You have to learn to let the tools do the work, and not try to influence the outcome – it’s about THEM not you, YOU ARE ALREADY IN.

Should you’re prospect go through all the steps, they’ll be more comfortable, educated, and in a better position to make a decision. They will also know more about you and will be able to determine if they’d like to be a part of what they’ve experienced.  Sponsoring is a process it’s not an event.

Step 5 – Standardized Fast Start Training – Getting people started is one of the most important elements to business.  Most companies have a Fast Start Training or distributor kit.  As the sponsor it’s up to you to know your companies process.  Don’t TELL your reps what to do – show them how to do it.  Help them make a list by asking them questions, illicit the outcome you desire with your questions – don’t simply give them orders and a pat on the back.  Look at the money they paid to get started as them hiring you to help them get moving.  Be the leader and schedule their training immediately or plug them into team trainings immediately.  Be sure to do it in a way that lets them know it’s about them and for them.

The training should first establish their why, commitment, make their list, and schedule their first presentation.  The second step is to make their invitations, learning how they schedule their time and a daily mode of operation, lastly how to access the tools and get into the back office.  Don’t just leave your new distributor to figure it out for themselves. LEAD them in the right direction and give them a specific time period that you will work with them and help them get independent quickly.

Step 6 – Event Structure – You want to have an event structure that makes the business systematic and scalable.  You want to get people into a one to many mind frame quickly.  People only have but so much time to work the business, they must learn immediately to leverage that time by implementing group activity.  This is the purpose of home parties, live events, and webinars, it’s all about leverage.  One on one is a job, one too many is where leverage and duplication lives.

Ok, you should have a great understanding to the how’s and why’s of sponsoring and getting people into action, and therefore MLM duplication  Be patient it will take time to master this process and you will only master it by taking action and failing forward.  Not everyone is coachable, teachable, or even ready to be coached.  Not everyone will allow you to lead them – the great thing is you only need a few who are ready and willing to run with you.  So get to it and make it happen now!

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