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3 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your MLM Business

by James Yancey

Are You Sabotaging Your MLM Business?

Don't Sabatoge Your MLM BusinessIt’s funny how most people involved in a MLM business will scour the internet looking for secrets, tips, and strategies to build a their business.  While, it makes perfect sense to seek help if your struggling, I wonder how many of these individuals have ever stopped and thought for a minute even a second – about what not to do, or what to avoid doing in there MLM business?

During my journey as an entrepreneur I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve probably learned most from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.  This is why in this blog post I thought I would share with you the  3 most common MLM mistakes reps make that sabotage their business and chances for success in MLM.

Mistake #1. Lack of Consistent Exposure

Building a MLM business begins and ends with exposure.  To build a MLM team you absolutely must get your business in front of a large number of targeted prospects consistently.  Yet, 99% of struggling Network Marketers simply don’t get their business in front of enough people to ever achieve the results they desire.  These distributors somehow complicate our business and confuse the simple task of simply asking another person if they are open to the idea of making additional income from home.  These same MLM distributors believe that somehow they’ll get a lucky break and things will turn around.  They simply haven’t grasped that as an MLM distributor our income is directly tied to how many times we effectively present your opportunity to a prospect.  To build even a part time income in Network Markerting we must never forget consistent exposure is the name of the game.   This is why you must continually ask yourself what can I do to show my business today?  Who can I speak to right now that may be open or may know someone who is open to the idea of creating more money in their life?  As soon as your receive any answers get to work immediately.

Mistake #2. I’ve Got To Recruit A Superstar!

Chasing superstars is the another huge mistake that will sabotage a MLM business.  While this mistake is similar to #1, its different and common enough that it could not be overlooked.  This mistake occurs when MLM distributors exclusively look for or even worse hope to recruit an MLM distributor that they feel can recruit and sponsor others quickly and easily.  The usual suspects these individuals hope to sponsor are pastors, proven MLM leaders, and Mr. X who “knows everyone and would be perfect.”  While superstars are out there – the truth is, I’ve simply never seen the MLM distributor who “needs them” in their business, attract them to their business.  The problem with this type of MLM recruiting focus is that these distributors are usually focused on their own needs and not the needs of their prospects.  These individuals desire to sponsor a heavy hitter is always stricty for their own benefit and not the benefit of the superstar, let alone for the benefit of the superstar’s prospects.  This missing perspective is why MLM distributors with this focus rarely succeed.  To succeed in any Network Marketing opportunity you must put the needs of your prospects first.  If your focus is to help the individuals who want and deserve your help make their lives better – your success will be a byproduct of those you help.

Mistake #3. Needing and Expecting Big Money Today

3 Common MLM MistakesBy far, wanting and needing big money today is the biggest mistake in MLM and Direct Sales. Obviously, we all have financial needs – however I personally believe that a business is not a good solution for someone who needs money today.  A business is for someone who wants to build or create more income, not simply earn an income.  This belief is especially true in regards to MLM; the fact is building a MLM organization takes time.  Building anything from the ground up takes time.  Unfortunately far too many people look at their Network Marketing business from the standpoint of I’ll give it 6 months. For some reason most people seem to forget how long it took them to get in the situation they currently find themselves.  They seem to forget how much time they spent in school, in their current job, to be in their current position.  The truth be told if there is a short cut to wealth, that short cut is building a business. Building an MLM business is extremely low risk, and best of all it is ideal for someone who is part time.  If you must go full time before your income reflects a full time income your focus has to be on consistent exposures – without consistent exposure your odds for success are extremely low.

Succeeding in your MLM business

The fact is to succeed in a MLM business, you must have a long term vision for exactly what you want, you must consistently share your value and plan to new prospects, and you must put your efforts and time into helping others get what they want from your opportunity.  If you do, I look forward to seeing you on the beaches of the world.

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