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7 Secret MLM Tips – Revealed!

by James Yancey

7 Secret MLM Tips – Revealed

MLM TipsThese 7 secret ML M Tips are the key to building any MLM Business.  Every leader that’s having massive success has implemented this exact list or something extremely similar.  When you make these MLM Tips you’re about to learn a habit and consistently implement them you will have developed into the leader people want to join.

The Personal Development Trap – Secret MLM Tips #1

Personal development can become a trap don’t fall into it.  All the positive thought in the world will never trump action.  Leaders use personal development to help thrust them into action, while the masses inadvertently use personal development to make themselves believe they are taking action and making progress.  Positive thinking is important yet only action will change your results.  You have to learn as you go and develop as you’re moving towards your goals.  Your goal should be to develop into a leader and person of action, everything else will take care of itself as you take massive action.

Know Your Numbers – Secret MLM Tips #2

You should be tracking everything you do.  Track each call you make be sure to include all outbound calls, follow up calls, how many prospects saw a presentation, and how many prospects saw the presentation before you sponsored someone new.  Track and look to improve the ratios of sponsored new reps to dials.  Anything tracked and tweaked improves over time and will help you increase efficiency as your team and leadership grows.  Remember we only get paid to retail and recruit therefore the vast majority of your time must be spent on prospecting.

Follow Up is Overrated – Secret MLM Tips #3

MLM is not traditional sales and is not a buy or die business.  Always remember that actions speak louder than words if your prospect or someone on your team is not taking the necessary actions move on to new prospects or team members quickly.  Keep a short list of hot prospects to follow up with, use group activity and auto-responders for everyone else.  Time is the most important asset you have the faster you learn to work were your time is deserved the faster you will achieve the results you desire.

The Law of Large Numbers – Secret MLM Tips #4

In order to find quality people you have to speak with, sort through and sponsor a large number of people into your MLM Business in order to find a handful of people who will play the game to win.  In order to create profit and riches in this business you need to put the law of large numbers to the test.  Work with expectation because the law of large numbers will never fail you, you can only fail the law of large numbers.

Stay In Your Lane – Secret MLM Tips #5

Focus 80% of your time on your production, not the production, of the company, your up-line, and even your downline.  If you are focused and maintain a relaxed intensity and relate-ability you will attract others to you.  Lead by example and you’ll find other who want to follow your lead.  When you reach five thousand per month in income you’ll have a few leaders and your role will change, until then focus 80% of your time on prospecting and personal production.

Friends and Family Isn’t Your Only Warm Market – Secret MLM Tips #6

If you’re treating your business like a business, suddenly all business owners are in your warm market.  As you develop your skill you will be able to create instant rapport with anyone that is paid for performance because of your common interests.  Prospecting friends and family is great and will work for some individuals on your team and help them build quickly.  For most it’s simply the best place to get practice and potentially sponsor a 1 or 2 people.  The real skill to the big money is through mastering increasing your warm market by building rapport with like minded individuals.

Implement an Attraction Marketing System – Secret MLM Tips #7

While all the other MLM Tips are a must this one is not for everyone, if you’re at all comfortable with computers or willing to learn Attraction Marketing is the fast track to the top.  This is simply because you can increase exposure to yourself and your business, build credibility, demonstrate leadership, increase your warm market, and ultimately sponsor new reps more efficiently.  When Attraction Marketing is implemented properly you can also create income from those that don’t join your MLM BusinessAttraction Marketing allows you to create diversification and multiple income streams, while building a business with more qualified prospects and allowing you to implement all the other MLM Tips faster.

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