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The 5 Things That Took Me From Hunter To Hunted In Network Marketing

by James Yancey

How I Went From Hunter To Being Hunted In Network Marketing

#1. Choosing Leadership

Moving From Hunter to Hunted in Network MarketingLet me take you to a time when not one person, not one person in my mlm company was using the internet effectively to grow their network marketing business – and I was surrounded.  I was surrounded by leaders who swore by 2 words, warm market.  That’s right friends and family!  While I had a few people in my warm market join- NONE did much.  I began recruiting professionals and NONE did much.  I heard recruit up, recruit up, which was laughable to me as I had already personally recruited and enrolled over 20 six figure earners and knew recruiting up wasn’t the answer, I needed people who wanted it as much – or more than I did.  My uplines advice was quantity will lead you to quality, just talk to more people – that was the game plan for everything, “just talk to people.”

So, I had to step up.  I had to go against the grain; I had to choose to slow down to eventually speed up.  So, I began to look for solutions online.  I knew I had to step up as a leader and say, this is my business – and I began to delve into online network marketing and direct response marketing.  Is that you?  Is it time for you to stop following and start leading?

#2.  Attraction Marketing

My biggest problem with network marketing was solved when I discovered the idea of attraction marketing.  My problem with network marketing was that it required me to bring the business to people and even chase people, and I was accustomed to people coming to me.  In my mortgage business people sought me out, referrals came readily and steadily and that difference created a big disconnect for me.

That is until I discovered Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.  This course totally changed my thinking, perspective and now my reality on how to build a network marketing business.  While I had always sponsored with value and not the opportunity – I now understood how I could attract people to me with value, rather than seek out people to share value with.

#3.  Belief

Now that I knew what was possible; I had a lot of mixed feelings about putting attraction marketing into practice.  I battled several belief issues – overwhelm, fear of failure, and I was uncomfortable with the idea of plastering myself all over the internet.  I also had an irrational fear that promoting network marketing online would impact my credibility in my mortgage business, and the mortgage business had provided me freedom from a job and a great lifestyle.  I was also concerned about critics, and lastly I battled thoughts about internet marketing and how duplicable it was for the masses.  Basically, my thinking got in the way of getting off to a fast start online and it wasn’t until I opened myself up to a new reality that I took action.  I realized if I made a solid commitment to myself that I not only could not fail, I could make a positive impact and help a lot of people.

The Transition From Network Marketing Hunter to Hunted

#4. Finding The Right System

Moving From Hunter to Hunted in Network MarketingEveryone has a story and their story is shaped by their experiences, and I had a lot of “information product” experience in the real estate world, from building a business training, to growing a business, to  investing training and more – I studied it all.  Prior to getting online I had invested around 6 figures in my entrepreneurial education, so I had a very high “BS” radar.  Maybe you can relate?   Anyway, I purchased many network marketing training courses, I also attended tons of webinars, and read tons of e-books – and, I didn’t find anything that I could believe in – so I decided to build my own internet marketing system, but I didn’t know where to start.

So, I began doing what I knew – I began to learn as much as I could, and look for people who knew more than I did. Unfortunately I was looking in all the wrong places then I decided to take a chance.  I took a chance on a system called My Lead System Pro.  The funny thing is that I had seen it before.  I just happened to “see it” from the wrong perspective.  Long story short, My Lead System Pro, changed everything for me.  It taught me how to market online and even greatly enhanced my offline network marketing strategies.

#5. Persistence

It all came down to persistence – staying the course, maintaining a positive mindset, and taking consistent action towards my goals.  While no one arrives, in life, or business – but one thing is clear.  When you combine leadership, attraction marketing, belief, the right system, with persistence – you will begin to see a new world open up that is full of new opportunities, new relationships, multiple income streams, and best of all certainty.

Your Partner in Success!

Move From Hunter To Hunted In Network Marketing



PS.  If you’re looking for more certainty in your life and business and you’re ready to bring your leadership, your belief, and persistence to the table to implement attraction marketing with the right system in your network marketing business – CLICK HERE NOW!

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