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Why MLM Is NOT Sales

by James Yancey

MLM Isn’t Sales, Keep Reading to Find Out Why

MLM No SellingThe primary reason MLM isn’t sales is because MLM is in no way a business of convincing.  Our goal IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be to convince people to do anything including buying a product, look at an opportunity, get involved a business, or actively work their own business.  What we do is we quickly sort through people to find those that are open, interested, and willing to take the necessary action to be successful in this industry and their own business.  We are in the business of sorting through peoples wants to find people that have a desire for our product, additional income, financial freedom, or time freedom, and are willing to take action to get what they want.  Think about it – you can’t convince someone of anything or change anyone’s mind.  What you can do is share some information, and if someone is open to what you have great – if not great, move on.   You will never convince anyone to take consistent action. This fact only makes sense.   Why give yourself the headache of trying to change someone’s mind.  Simply focus on those that your business makes sense too and who have a desire to take action.

Why MLM isn’t Sales – Selling in MLM Doesn’t Work Anyway.

I see so many people trying to play the convincing game and the sad thing is that trying to convince someone to get involved doesn’t work anyway.  You might be able to convince someone to buy a product, but you will never convince someone to build a network.  Never fall into the trap of mistaking the focus of Network Marketing for direct sales.  The focus of Network Marketing is building a network of distributors.  So, to be successful you have to find people who WANT and are LOOKING for an opportunity.  What’s interesting is that if you even temporarily convince someone to “buy” your opportunity the only thing you’ve created is buyer’s remorse.  Think about it, if you’ve convinced someone to join will you have really gained a distributor?  Anyone “convinced” didn’t get involved for their own reasons and motivations they simply made a purchase, not a decision to build a business.

The Conclusion, Why MLM isn’t Sales

Ultimately, MLM is a largely a marketing business and simply a numbers game.  Where you will need to locate, contact, and connect with a high number of people.  To do this, you can contact a large number of people manually, or you can create a system to have a large number of people who are already open to Network Marketing locate and connect with you.  I recommend combining both strategies by implementing traditional networking and an online Attraction Marketing System.  Any quality Attraction Marketing System will teach you how to brand yourself as a leader and drive traffic online to your website.  Most importantly this system must teach and allow you to generate income from the individuals not interested in your specific MLM opportunity.  To see the Attraction Marketing System I highly recommend click the banner below now!

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