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The 3 Major Challenges You Must Overcome To Succeed In Network Marketing

by James Yancey

The Challenges Of Business And Network Marketing

The 3 Major Challenges Of Network MarketingThe truth is every business is challenging and Network Marketing is no different.  In fact there, are 3 major challenges that face anyone in a home based business whether the business is Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or a traditional business.  Owning your own business requires personal growth and  in order to succeed you have to put yourself out there and at risk day after day.  You’ll face criticism, fear, rejection, self-doubt, financial pressure, competition, disappointment, and many other frustrations on your journey – forcing you to grow personally and professionally.   Many have said that during your journey, success will become more about the person you’re becoming than the financial rewards and when that shift happens the money seems to follow.  I certainly agree with this philosophy and believe me the journey – is worth it, and requires you to be 100% committed.  If you’re new to working from home, Direct Sales, or Network Marketing pay close attention what you’ll learn here as you’re ability to handle the following 3 challenges will determine your level of success.

Major Challenge #1 – Putting Yourself Out There

One of the most annoying things ever said in business and life is, “if it was easy everyone would do it”  yet sometimes it’s true and in some cases people are just lazy.  When it comes down to it putting yourself out there and at risk in your Network Marketing business – is something that just ain’t that easy.  If anyone ever tells you that you don’t have to put yourself out there or at risk – remember that other old saying – “a fool and his money are soon parted.”  I don’t care what it is you’re offering in order to succeed in any new business you’ll need to get out there and meet people.  Money only comes from one place – and that’s another person.

Even when marketing online you’ll need to connect with people along the way and put yourself out there.  You’re primary job, goal, and mission is to learn not to worry about what other people think of you, your idea, product, or service.  This requires you to develop an unshakable self-image – and if there is any one secret to success this is absolutely it.  If you can get out of your own way – feel the fear and do it anyway, you’ll being developing the skills and mindset that will make your success assured!

Major Challenge #2 – The Irrational Hate Or Feel Of Selling

In order to make money in any business including Network Marketing a sale has to be made.  While Network Marketing is not traditional sales – a sale must be made and many for you to succeed.  Many marketers inside Network Marketing will use language like share, educate, or promote – when referring to selling, yet no money is made until someone buys something.

Whether you consider yourself a sales person or not, it doesn’t really matter.  What matter most is you learn to communicate effectively.  You must also develop a respect for the sales profession and learn to see it from the proper perspective.  Sales does not require you to be pushy, convince people, or be needy.  Selling requires you to communicate, ask questions, provide information, and help those interested in your product or service get what they want.

Until you develop a healthy understanding and respect for selling you will struggle.  Falling victim to irrational fear is the road to failure and obviously an extremely in-effective in business.  Sales does not have to be intimidating or complicated – it’s simply confidently sharing information with people that have or express interest in what you’re offering.

Major Challenge #3 – The Word “NO” and Rejection

No, No, No, get comfortable with this two letter word.  Some people are going to say no – in fact, more people will say no than say yes.  You must conquer your fear of “NO” and the fear of rejection.

It’s your job and mission as a business person to develop and learn to not be attached to the outcome.  Your focus needs to be on being effective in your actions – the more effective and efficient your actions the more results you will generate in Network Marketing and any business.  If you present what you have in an effective way each “no” can lead you to a referral and potentially someone who needs or wants what you have and gets you closer to a yes.

Conquering The 3 Major Challenges Of Business And Network Marketing

The only way to conquer these 3 major challenges is to eliminate your addiction.  You must eliminate your addiction to any outcome and most importantly the addiction to the opinion of others.  I firmly believe that the opinion of others is the most addictive drug in the world.  Until you develop belief in what you have to offer inside your Network Marketing business and can non-critically accept that not everyone will have the same opinion, goals, desires, or needs as you – your business will bring you unwanted major challenges that you don’t want or deserve.  Developing the courage to face your challenges inside Network Marketing and life while taking the right perspectives will ultimately determine your success.

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