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The Secret To Getting Off To A Fast Start In Your MLM Business

by James Yancey

The Secret To Getting Off To A Fast Start In Your MLM Business

Getting off to a fast start is critical to your success in your MLM Business.  It’s a key component to success in anything.  The reason is simple MOMENTUM.  Getting moving and getting your feet wet early and often in any endeavor will greatly improve your probabilty of success.  Starting quickly is even more important in MLM because the decision to get involved in a business is an emotional decision to change your current reality or situation with the hopes of a brighter future.  So, similar to improving your fitness, going back to school, or going on a diet – unless immediate action is taken to develop a new habit and routine the old thoughts, habits, and routines will surely prevail and extinguish any spark of hope to win and create a better life.

The Secret To Getting Off to a Fast Start in Your MLM Business – DECIDE!

Making a firm decision is the key to getting off to a fast start in the MLM Business.  When 99% of people enter this business they announce to the world that they are going to “TRY” to succeed.  The word “TRY” implies failure.  Do you realize there is no such thing as “TRYING” – stop for a moment and think about it?  You either do something or you don’t, it’s really that simple.  So when you truly are making a decision to do something you need to engage and take action now.  Simply decide and make a detailed list, not just any list but a detailed list of all the reasons why you’ve made a firm decision to take action now.  Be sure to date this list to remember when you made your decision and think about where you want to be in 5 years.  Also think about what you’re willing to do to get to your ultimate goal, and lastly how you will feel if you now take action and win.  This list is a list of emotional motivators and will keep you motivated, if you simply allow it to by focusing on the emotional reasons why you wrote the list, as well as what and who are important on this list.

What’s awesome is there’s a hidden HUGE benefit!  The list you just created will help you INVITE and ENROLL people into your business and get them moving too.  The reasons why you made the decision to take action will absolutely inspire people more than any hype or promise of money.  People join “YOU” in your MLM Business because they’re inspired to get what they want too!  Everyone wants to win!  They don’t join because of hype or the promise of quick riches.  There are no shortcuts to success, success is something you attract by the person you become.  Success is not something you pursue it comes to you and it will only come to you through making a decision to BE who you already know you are – a winner!

Get off to a FAST START in the MLM Business

Done? What’s Next? The Secret To Getting Off to a Fast Start in Your MLM Business

The next step to getting off to a fast start in your MLM Business is to make a schedule of EXACTLY when you will work you’re MLM Business.  Then commit to yourself, your family, your sponsor, that you will now take immediate action as the CEO of your business during this allotted time.  Hold yourself accountable to this time and the actions you take during it.  Seek out accountability partners in your company’s network, at work, church, and in your family.  It doesn’t matter how much time you have to invest in your business – this is a game of consistency and persistence, nothing else.  There is no one person to sponsor, there is no luck, simply put – “The Law of Large Numbers Will Never Fail You!” 

Step On The Gas! The Secret To Getting Off to a Fast Start in Your MLM Business

Now that you’ve completed the first 2 assignments, you are now absolutely in position to win and get off to a fast start in your MLM Business.  You’ve picked out the vehicle, you’ve prepared to get in it and drive now you simply need to step on the gas!  Now that you’ve made a firm decision and a scheduled commitment to work you’re business – during you’re allotted time you need to spend 80% of your time exposing people to your business.  Friends and family will help you get your feet wet and practice, don’t expect them or pressure them to join – tell them why you’re doing it if they too want to participate great if not who cares you are a winner with a strong desire, reason, and a commitment to win.  With the help and support of a team you will master meeting , connecting with, and exposing “LIKE MINDED” people quickly – it’s easier than you think.   The remaining 20% of your time must be dedicated to training and your personal growth and development.  Business requires that you develop the mindset of a business owner not an employee; never forget this is a business not a job.  These are the simple secrets to get off to a fast start in your MLM Business.  Now it’s up to you to decide to follow this simple blue print – no one can make you do anything, you have to decide too.  In life you’ll either have 1 of 2 things – disciplines or regrets.  Choose to give yourself the disciplines, you’ve made it this far and if I can do it you absolutely can – keep going and I’ll see you at the top!

Get off to a FAST START in your MLM Business!

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