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How To Build An MLM Organization

by James Yancey

Developing an MLM Organization

There is a huge difference between simply recruiting and sponsoring distributors and actually building a team in the Network Marketing industry.  While sponsoring is a critical activity and you certainly need to support your team or lead them to the support available inside the company.  Unless you build legs in your team you’ll never develop duplication let alone experience multiplication also known as momentum.

What Is A Leg? Building an MLM organization

How To Build An MLM OrganizationA leg is a made up of at least 4 key distributors that are as committed or more committed than you to building “their” business.  Developing your first leg is the key to opening the door to the success you desire in MLM.  These 4 individuals must be one on top of the other or 4 deep – in order to truly have a leg in your team.

Key legs grow because they consist of 4 committed leaders (A, B, C, and D).  You can identify committed leaders because they do 3 things consistently

  • Call you (with questions, results, excitement, ideas, or just to connect)
  • Show up (on conference calls, events, conventions, and MLM trainings)
  • TAKE ACTIONS that generate predictable results!

When you have a key distributor you’ve sponsored they want to work with you, you don’t need to chase them or ask them to do anything.  They will ask you what more they can do.  They want to make things happen and until you have a key person in your organization keep sponsoring new MLM distributors personally.

Building that key leg in your MLM business can take up to a year, even with consistent action.  Ultimately you’ll need at least 3 key legs in your organization to create a full time income, 4 key legs allow you to create financial freedom, and a 5th will allow you to have that dream lifestyle that attracts so many to our amazing industry.  The truth is a key leg can be developed in as little as 90 days, but that’s rare – so in the long run it will be worth focusing on finding the right key MLM distributors and person to lock arms with towards your individual and collective goals.

How to Develop a Key Leg – Building A HUGE MLM Team!

To develop your first key leg you must take consistent action and ultimately find a key distributor.  Remember they will identify themselves to you – by their actions.

When you find your first key MLM distributor they will be your “A” key distributor.  Your job then becomes to help them find their first key distributor as quickly as possible this individual will be your “B” key distributor.  You may need to work with them to help them bring in 2, 3, 4 or more to find their key distributor.  Again, this person will identify themselves by the actions they take and their commitment to “their own goals.”

How To Build An MLM TeamOddly enough a key distributor typically will not need your help, yet they will be the one you work with most often.  After you help your first key distributor to find their first key distributor – you’ll have 2 key distributors and be halfway to developing a leg.  While there may be several people on your team it’s your “A” and “B” key distributors that are duplicating and really helping you build an income.  It’s now getting interesting because you, your “A” and “B” key distributors are all working together to help your “B” key distributor find their first key distributor.  This continues on until you have 4 levels of “key distributors”.  This leg in your team now knows exactly how to build a team and can play the game and continue to “duplicate” this system without your direct involvement.  You are now free to begin developing your second leg.

It’s your job to support your team and key distributors with 3 way calls, doing presentation, answering questions, helping people get started, and directing them to events.  You’ll want to work in small teams with your other ‘Key distributors’ as they come onboard and make themselves known.

When your growing team reaches 4 key distributors deep with “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” working together amazing things can happen quickly.  These are the legs that create the “unlimited depth” we all desire and it all starts with your 1st key distributor.

It’s critical to remember, it’s not up to you to identify a key person.  Regardless of how talented you think they are, how connected they are, or how successful they are.  It’s up to THEM to identify themselves they will call you, they will show up, and they will take consistent committed action.  These are the individuals you work with to build your MLM team, income, and lifestyle.

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