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MLM Success – The 2 Things You Must Do To Succeed In MLM

by James Yancey

The 2 Things You Must Do To Succeed In MLM

MLM is a pretty simple business, unfortunately people we’re complicated.  Most of us over-complicate simple things.  This is why I’m going to reveal to you the two critical components you must master if you have a desire to succeed in Network Marketing.

MLM in the Beginning

MLMGetting started in MLM is different for everyone, but if you’re here looking for answers, guidance, and training – I’m going to assume you are like most people and for most people MLM sucks in the beginning!

The problem is building the business of MLM more often than not feels uncomfortable for most people, most of us do it wrong, we don’t get the results we desire, and it seems to be going nowhere – while at the same time we’re spending time and money trying to make it work.

What’s worse is that the majority trainings, sponsors, and “gurus” will tell you to focus on your goals, dreams, and develop your belief – yet, that alone won’t solve your problem.

Solving the Challenges of MLM

To solve any problem you need a solution and goals, dreams, and belief are not solutions.  This is why I’m about to uncover the actual solution you need to build your business and if you pay close attention you’ll get a new perspective and make a significant shift in your thinking that will lead to the proper consistent actions needed to achieve the success that has alluded you in MLM.

Success in MLM comes down to focusing your time and energy in learning two critical skills.  These two skills alone hold the key to your success in this business and until you embrace them you will struggle and these skills are networking and marketing.

Okay, Okay, you probably knew that or at least felt as if you knew it, right?  Allow me to take it a step further…

Getting What You Want Out Of MLM

Ok, here is where the rubber meets the road, to get what you want out of MLM – you must become a master networker (connector) and a master marketer (promoter).  And, if you’re struggling you are misunderstanding what we do, pitching, selling, chasing, and convincing (begging), is not networking or marketing.

Remember – to solve any problem you need a solution.  The solution that will help you create the results you desire in your MLM business will come through a shift in thinking – this shift in thinking will lead to a shift in your actions.

Here is the shift; you need to position yourself and then your business as a solution to your prospects needs.

MLM Prospecting and Networking Done the Right Way Solves Problems

MLMWhile you’re prospecting you need to forget about what you want, forget about your goals, forget about your dreams, and start connecting with what your prospects goals are uncovering your prospects dreams to find out if they are open, if they are serious, if they are committed to improving their situation or getting what they want.  Then and only then can you offer them a potential SOLUTION (your business!).

Networking isn’t about your company, how great it is, how much money can be made, or how excited you are, or getting people to watch a presentation – networking is about connecting and making a connection based on what the other person wants and then showing them how they may be able to get it.  It’s done and can only be done effectively by asking questions, I know you’ve been told to make a list…  What you haven’t been told or taught is how to sort through your list to find MLM prospects – your list is not a list of prospects it’s simply a list of names.

You’ll now learn to ask the right questions and sort through that list and add to that list by asking questions.  Just because someone says they are open to more money doesn’t make them a prospect – you must find out why are they open, what they think their options are, what have they considered, have they considered their own business, how soon are they ready for things to change, if they saw something that made sense how much time could they invest weekly, would they be willing to invest in themselves to get what they want?  (These types of questions help you determine if you have a prospect – regardless of what anyone has told you EVERYONE IS NOT A PROSPECT!)

Are you noticing a difference?  Are you recognizing why people can and will be eager to look at your business when connected with instead of being pitched too?  Can you see why you need to make your business about them and not about you?  Can you see how your business can be a solution to their problems?

Your Next Shift in Your MLM Business

Now that we’ve made a shift in how you Network you absolutely must start learning how to market and promote.  Keep in mind you don’t market your business – you market and promote solutions.  People aren’t looking for businesses, they are looking for solutions.

If this has helped you congratulations!  I’m excited for you- because success will inevitably be yours when you combine what you’ve learned here with marketing.  Because marketing is the skill that will help you connect with better prospects, keep fresh prospects in front of you, and help you grow your business faster than networking alone.

To You Success,

James Yancey


PS.  If your sponsor doesn’t have a plan that incorporates marketing to help you locate perfect prospects for your MLM business and connect them with solutions CLICK HERE.

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