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The NFL Lockout – Teaches MLM’ers 2 Critical Lessons

by James Yancey

The 2 Priceless NFL Lockout Marketing Lessons!

The National Football League and players have at long last reached an agreement on a new 10-year labor deal that officially ends the lockout saving this year’s football season.  After months of negotiations and agony I think it’s only fitting that we capitalize on the lessons behind the NFL lockout.   These simple lessons are critical and will absolutely change your business forever if and only if you take these lessons to heart and apply them in your Network Marketing business immediately.

The #1 NFL Lockout Lesson – Know Your Market

The most fascinating lesson you can take away from the NFL lockout is to know your market.  I’m sure by now you realize that both sides of the negotiation table’s last concern, worry, or thought was the fans.  Why is that?  Well simply put the NFL’s owners, management, players, and lawyers all knew without question that the NFL brand is powerful enough that fans would come back regardless of the outcome.

The NFL knows their market, they know their audience’s needs, wants, and have used this knowledge to package their product and marketing in a way that creates demand for their product.

How To Apply NFL Lockout Lesson #1, In Your Business?

If you’re engaged in building a Network Marketing business, the very first thing you need to do is determine your ideal prospect.  You need to know your market.   and to do this you simply need to list the traits, needs, and desires of the individuals you plan to target prior to exposing them to your opportunity and then use the “70/30 rule.”  The “70/30 rule” is simply listening 70 percent of the time and asking questions with the other 30 percent.  This simple formula will help you know your market and give you the ability to make a recommendation based on their wants and needs and thereby creating a natural demand for more information on your opportunity.

NFL Lockout Lesson #2 – Rig The Game And Win

The NFL’s owners and players and both clearly coming out of the lockout as winners.  They’re back with more money for both sides.  How did they do it?  With no consideration for fans both sides won!  Don’t be surprised the NFL will always win because they’ve rigged the game, and you can too!

The NFL rigged the game with one weapon – marketing.  ESPN, the news, magazines, the fans themselves, social media, and radio every outlet imaginable gives the NFL a voice to brand football and the star athletes that play the game.  The NFL has saturated our nations culture with a media blitz that penetrates our daily lives and we can’t help but take notice.

Rigging Your Game To Win

To implement the same guaranteed win strategy the NFL uses, you’ve got to 1st know and understand your market.  If you do, you’ll recognize that the best market in Network Marketing is existing networkers.  Think about it like this if you were a coach in the NFL wouldn’t you be trying to recruit football players.   Of course you would, and in Network Marketing you should be looking for networkers who are seeking the training, knowledge, and leadership they need to win.  Everyone wants to win, and if you’re reading this I know you want to win.  You can rig the game by implementing a Marketing System that gets your message in front of your market.

Keep in mind, if you know you’re market you know that existing networkers don’t necessarily need an opportunity – what they need are solutions.  The fact is 95% of Network Marketers struggle with a lack of leads, lack of cash flow, and a lack training.  That’s why if you simply position yourself in front of Network Marketers and provide them with the solutions they seek in regards to leads, cash flow, and training and they’ll be drawn to you – making it obvious you are the leader they are looking for.  Also giving you the power to make upfront money from those who don’t join your MLM business, while simultaneously finding the serious builders to build your primary MLM business.  Now that you know the exact secret used by the NFL and master builders inside the MLM industry all you simply need to do is duplicate what works.  CLICK HERE to find out how you can duplicate a MLM Marketing System that is designed to help you attract an endless stream of qualified prospects and create multiple streams of income in your business now!

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