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It’s Not Growing Fast Enough! The #1 Frustration in MLM

by James Yancey

Handling Frustration in MLM

Wow!!!  What can I say MLM can be frustrating – especially when your business is not growing as fast as you expect it to.  Expecting immediate and fast growth is probably the main reason people get discouraged while building a MLM business.  No matter how good you are at managing your own or others expectations at some point you’ll face the – “It’s not growing fast enough” challenge.

These frustrations are real and unfortunately they will always happen and they’ll cause people to quit.  But guess what since you will always have frustation you must learn how to handle it.  You need to recognize that even the greatest business leaders in Network Marketing and in every aspect of life and business get frustrated from time to time.

That’s why the key is learning to not let your frustrations paralyze you or cause you to quit.  Everyone has their own expectations about where they will be, how much money they will make, how long it will take, and how things “SHOULD” go.

*** THE BIG TAKE AWAY – We all have expectations for everything in life and we can get discouraged whether its business, weight loss, an exercise program, or a personal relationship it doesn’t matter what it is, it matters what we EXPECT ***

The Frustrations You’ll Face in MLM

That’s right, some frustrations you should expect.  MLM is a business and every business comes with specific frustrations.  Here are some you’ll face while building your business – which you need to be prepared for:

  • Your good friend signs up and quits.
  • 3 people “claim” they’re ready to go but never join.
  • Your check is significantly less than you thought it would be.
  • The demands on your time become so great; you can’t seem to find time to work your business.
  • Your top distributor (or your only distributor) has a problem that causes them to get discouraged.
  • Life gets in the way.
  • Handling rejection.

Frustration In MLMThings happen, in life – challenges come – and can come from everywhere.   Everyone – absolutely everyone experiences life’s circumstances and challenges, AND we all have a choice if we allow these circumstances and challenges to be SETBACKS.  This is why in business its critical to never allow your emotions to get the best of you.  You can’t let your highs get to high or your lows to get to low.  The better you get at mastering your emotions, your “feelings” your “challenges”, and your “frustrations” the more success you’ll attract.

This skill is called “Self Mastery” and when you’ve mastered self – you’ve learned to not let things control your destiny, and therefore you control your destiny.  Disappointments will turn to victories if you learn to embrace them and find the lessons in them, by no means is this easy – but guess what you’ll never be a victim again.

This isn’t a one-time fix, like building a business it’s a process.  Sometimes our frustrations will knock the wind out of us – and that’s okay because it’s part of the journey.  Just don’t ever allow frustration to knock you out, slow you down, or sway your conviction.  When you can quickly refocus and get back to your game plan – your success is inevitable.

Always ask “who’s next?” Remember this is a business of exposing new people to your product and opportunity. Your business grows by finding NEW business builders. Dwelling on your disappointments will kill any possibility of momentum.  Remember, people who your business doesn’t make sense for today can and will become candidates later – everyone faces a need at some point.  A need for more money, a need for time freedom, a need for a plan b, a need for a retirement plan, a need for a community, a need for something new.  The question is not will people have the need, the question is will you be there to fill there need?

Frustration Don’t Go Away – They Turn To Regret

It’s funny how no matter how big the frustration, it can be immediately solved when someone new comes into your business.  Frustration never go away with thought, they only go away with action – and building an MLM business  requires consistent action.

A common mistake people make is they believe that frustrations go away with success in MLM.  Frustration is a part of life and has nothing to do with success, Bill Gates has things that frustrate him, the owners of you MLM Company have things that frustrate them, if you’re alive you’ll have things that frustrate you.  So why not learn to handle frustration?  Here’s how top business leaders handle frustrations:

  • Focus on the BIG PICTURE.
  • Go back to “WHY” You are building a business.
  • LET GO of frustrations quickly and look for the lesson in the challenge, circumstance, and let it re-energize your “Why.
  • Remember that you build your character and daily habits, and your character and daily habits build the business.

Unhandled frustation turns to regret.  If you allow frustation to take you out of action, you will have regrets and wish you continued to persist, made a decision, and took action.

The Truth about Frustration in MLM

The truth is frustration is are a TESTFrustration exists for a simple reason; its there to see if you are mentally prepared for success.  Frustrations are there to build you into a person – who can lead themselves first.  If you can’t lead yourself in the right direction regardless of the frustration and challenges you face, how can you lead someone else down the path to success?  It is impossible to grow a thriving business without learning to navigate the seas of doubt, fear, frustration and disappointment.

Your paycheck will reflect your ability to grow and develop yourself as a leader and then help others to do the same.

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