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How To Answer The Pyramid Question – The Pyramid Question Finally Answered!

by James Yancey

The Pyramid Question Finally Answered!

If you’re considering Network Marketing or if you’re actively involved in Network Marketing there is one thing I can guaranteed you’ll be asked and it’s, “Is this one of those pyramid things?  LMAO!   This question is hilarious, it really is – I very rarely get asked this one.  However, I realize the almost every new and struggling Network Marketing distributor on the planet deals with the pyramid question.  So, in this blog post, I’ll once and for all give you the best way to handle the pyramid question.

The Pyramid Question – Is Flat Out Hilarious!

How To Answer The Pyramid QuestionPyramid, lol!  I almost can’t even write the word let alone say it, without laughing.  First of all pyramids are illegal – if you have any uncertainty whether Network Marketing or your particular business is legal or illegal before you do anything you need to get that question answered.

What’s interesting is very few people think that Network Marketing is illegal.  If anything most are simply uninformed and simply don’t know the difference between a legitimate Network Marketing company, a Ponzi scheme, or a Pyramid.  This particular blog post is not designed to educate readers on the differences of Network Marketing, Ponzi’s or Pyramids you can very easily find out the differences through a Google search.   You’ll want to learn the differences for your own knowledge, however NEVER – EVER, EVER, EVER use the knowledge to combat the pyramid question.  Why?  Because, I said so! – lol!

(You should be having fun with your business!)  Ok, you never want to answer the pyramid question with a logical answer, because – (insert drum roll) because it’s an ignorant question.  You’re prospect doesn’t know the difference or they may have a false belief, a suspicion, or they heard something from someone who….  Whatever the story, ultimately they have no real knowledge or insight on the subject.  All you can do is realize that you will NEVER convince someone who thinks they know something – that they don’t.   SO, WHY TRY!

The Pyramid Question – How To Diffuse It

That’s why the best way to handle the pyramid question is not to handle it.  Don’t be arrogant, mad, annoyed, frustrated, or have any negative emotion towards the question.  In fact, don’t look at it as an objection – simply defuse it.  Be entertained by the question!  Personally, I think its pure comedy that someone in 2011 can think that Network Marketing is illegal.  Do they honestly believe that the Avon lady’s breaking the law and that her door will get kicked in by the Pyramid police?  Of course not, so when you’re asked that magic question, “Is this one of those pyramid things?” you have several ways to respond.  I’ll ask the person if they are joking.  I actually say, “You’re joking right?  (pause) If not I don’t want to waste my time or yours.”  Then I wait for them to decide if we proceed.  This process makes them think and then decide if they want more information or not.  I do this in a very non-threatening way simply because I don’t care if they look, join, get the information or not, I never make an effort to convince them – I understand that there too many people to talk too – you should too!

I also know the type of person I’m looking for (this is a huge hint!)  You need to figure out who you are looking for, who is your ideal prospect?  When you can answer that you can quickly let people go.  Remember this rhyme, “He who is convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”  Don’t try to change anyone’s mind, simply move to the next person.

Another way to diffuse the pyramid question is to be direct and simply answer, “No – pyramids are illegal, do you have any other questions.”  Or no – I would never participate in anything illegal; you’re not looking for anything illegal are you?  Remember you are the expert, if they think it’s illegal, a scam, a scheme, or whatever baggage they have – it’s because they don’t know.  Explaining to them the difference at this time is a presentation!  You should be giving them an invitation, and invitation to look at your business, not a presentation on the differences between a legitimate Network Marketing company, a Ponzi, or a Pyramid.  Keep it simple and keep first things first, your job is to invite – master inviting.

The Pyramid Question – Moving Forward

In conclusion, as soon as you have confidence that your business is not a pyramid– this question disappears.  I’ve seen it happen for hundreds of people.  This question is almost a test by a prospect to see what you’re going to do.  It’s not an intentional test, it’s instinctual.  If you are for any reason uncomfortable about what you have to offer, it comes through – you project it you discomfort onto your prospect.  So they ask, “Is this one of those pyramid things,” or they simply don’t know – give them a short respectful response, that diffuses the question.  Remember, this business is about relationships, it should be easy to talk about your business or product; you should be focusing on solving a problem, addressing a need, not selling, and not offering a way to get rich quick.  Be a professional, treat your business – like a business – and be honest with yourself.  If you need more in depth training on prospecting or recruiting you deserve to get it now, and put yourself in position to win.  If you now want to develop the skills and tactics to become a master recruiter CLICK HERE.

You Deserve To Master Recruiting Now!

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