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How To Recruit MLM Reps With Social Media

by James Yancey

6 Steps To Recruit MLM Reps With Social Media

There are so many ways to generate leads utilizing the Internet.  Social Media is by far the most readily available and duplicable method to generate leads for you and your team.  Unfortunately most MLM reps don’t utilize social media properly so they never generate the results that are possible with the right training and approach.  Well that is, until now – in this blog post I’ll share with you an exact blueprint to sponsor new MLM reps with ease using Social Media.

Step 1: Use Social Media To Request Friends With Common Interests.

Adding new friends with common interests should be obvious because we should be looking for like-minded individuals.  Social Media allows us to easily locate and connect with like minds through groups, interests, and hobbies.  When connecting with new friends you never want to make the mistake of mentioning anything about your MLM business or opportunity.  This new friend is a basically a stranger and does not care about you or your business, because they don’t know anything about you.

Step 2: Build Rapport And Develop A Dialogue And Relationship.

Never lead, open with, or volunteer your MLM business opportunity.   This will come across as force feeding your business instead –  be conversational, use the points that make up your prospects profile to start and develop a conversation.  Be sure to ask your new friend questions about themselves, their interests, hobbies, and about their occupation or business.  Focus on making an impression that demonstrates you have an interest in them, and never forget people don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care.  Be interested as opposed to interesting; help them get what they want by focusing on them.

Step 3: Identify Problems Then Offer Solutions.

Every business owner no matter what industry or profession they are in wants to increase sales.  In Network Marketing, the only way to increase sales is to increase leads and presentations.  Your goal should be to create enough trust and rapport that your new friend will reveal their challenges to you.  Then and only then – recommend them reviewing your product or service if it will help them to solve their problem.  You want to be a resource to them that can offers solutions.  Keep in mind more often than not the solution may not be your MLM business – especially if they already have a business!  You’ll be best served to offer a real solution, system, or training that will help them enhance what they already have.  If they happen to be looking for more income, a retirement plan, or even a business, make sure you let them know that you are only looking to help them solve their challenges.  You should be looking to get your foot in the door by developing a relationship first before going for the sale!  Remember that recruiting is a process and not an event.

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Step 4: The Invitation!

Now that your prospect, likes you, trusts you, and is open to receive information from you.  You have put yourself in position to be a resource and lead your prospect through your sales system.  The magical part to this type of recruiting is that at no time will you be perceived as a sales person who only cares about a sign up.  You are inviting your prospect to take a look at a system or opportunity to solve their problems, making you a valuable connection to have now and in the future.

Step 5: Set The Appointment And Close The Deal.

If you’ve followed this simple process up to this point – you’ve reached the most critical and important step.  Prior to sending them your website to opt in or sending them your link.  You must set the expectation of what they will see, how long it will take, and when you will discuss what they will see.  This is the critical step that will either aid you in closing the deal or put you in chase mode.  Following this simple blueprint will put you in position to close naturally by asking them what they liked best, what made sense to them, how they would implement this, or any leading question that works with your business, system, or is appropriate based on the conversation you had up to this point with your prospect.  When this is done properly and what you have makes sense for your prospect you simply need to coach your prospect through the sign up and help them get started!

Step 6: Use Social Media To Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

Remember, Network Marketing is a numbers game.  You will never close them all, however if you follow this simple 6 step process with consistency you will see your recruiting number rise quickly.  The best thing about social media recruiting is that it’s really non-threatening, easily duplicable, and there are an endless amount of people to talk too.  So get busy, add 5 friends per day on your preferred social media network – open new conversations and relationships and watch your recruiting explode!

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