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The Official Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts Review

by James Yancey

How I Found The Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts

Todd Falcone - The Little Black Book of ScriptsI first stumbled across Todd Falcone about 3 years ago, when I was eagerly searching online looking for some simple MLM prospecting solutions to help my team.  When I found Todd I was immediately attracted to his get to work, get it done, in your face style – as it was what I’ve come to expect from quality training with my background in the real estate and mortgage industry.  (The Rah, Rah, no value stuff is not for me!)

Interestingly enough, what Todd Falcone was teaching was exactly what I had done to build my mortgage business and my team well my front line anyway.  So, I knew first hand that the techniques he taught worked.  Liking what I had found, I stayed plugged in and after following Todd Falcone for a little while I pulled the trigger and picked up his Little Black Book Scripts.

What I learned From The Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts

What I found was much more detail and many more MLM scripts that I had anticipated.  All were extremely well put together MLM scripts that helped me think through and systematize what I had been doing naturally.  Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts helped me improve my ability to demonstrate, and teach my team the exact method I had been using, as well as help me internalize and improve my own process.

Ultimately, the Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts are designed to take a brand new MLM distributors and experienced MLM distributors who are looking for answers the 3 primary questions that stop most MLM distributors in their tracks.

What Do I Do?      –       Who Do I Talk To?      –       What Do I Say?

Todd Falcone on Fear of Prospecting and the Little Black Book of Scripts

I had the pleasure of meeting Todd Falcone at an event for network marketers who are using the internet – Live the Dream in Las Vegas; we had a great conversation about phone fear.  The fact is everyone and I mean everyone has an irrational fear of the phone, well at first anyway.  (Being afraid is okay, however irrational fear will paralyze you.)

He and I agreed that the biggest reason for phone fear is that is that people simply don’t know WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and therefore FEAR what the prospect will say and how they will react.

Todd Falcone and I agreed that his course is perfect for someone who has ever had a fear of reaching out to their warm market or a cold market because they didn’t know what to say, thought they would sound foolish, or felt uncomfortable in their approach.

Is that you?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or a feeling of embarrassment and wondered if you didn’t sound like an expert?  Have you ever felt that your friends and family may judge you?  Have you ever wanted someone to once and for all tell you and show you EXACTLY what to say to a prospect to get them to say “YES”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you deserve to get your hands on a FREE MLM script from the Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts today.  You’ll even get insder access to the exact scripts that Todd Falcone used to build his business.  You will also get access to his CD series that will let you hear for youself these MLM scripts in action.  Best of all Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts includes much more.

You’ll learn how to do 3 way calls, follow up strategies, what to email them when they say they want more info, prospecting strategies, and even how to conduct conference calls for your growing team.

If you’ve got any fear of the phone or you’re simply looking for some solid what to do, how to do it training.  The Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

CLICK the banner below and get instant access to a FREE MLM Script from Todd Flacone now.

Get the Todd Falcone Little Black Book of Scripts Now!

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{ 8 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Tonya January 31, 2012

Great information James! I know I would get extremely nervous talking on the telephone until I learned some scripts. I’m going to look into Todd Falcone a little more. I’m sure I could still learn lots from him. Thanks for the information.
Tonya recently posted..Reading Labels CarbohydratesMy Profile

2 Dorsey February 1, 2012

This is good information, I know I got comfortable on the phone because I sold real estate, but I find myself getting brain freeze when it comes to marketing some of these products. I’m going to make a note to check Todd Falcone book out. Thanks

3 Shirley February 1, 2012

Hi James, Great review here. Definitely worth a read. Warmest Regards Shirley
Shirley recently posted..5 Red Hot Tips To Condition Your Marketing Mindset!My Profile

4 BG Jenkins February 1, 2012

Sounds like a great product, James. I do feel that is a big problem with a lot of us. Well done.

5 Sandy Moore February 1, 2012

Have been on many trainings with Todd, he has some amazing tips he shares and the Little Black Book of Scripts would have to be included as one of them.

Sandy Moore
Sandy Moore recently posted..How Great Leaders Inspire Action with Simon Sinek | Get NotesMy Profile

6 James Yancey February 1, 2012

Hey Dorsey, I think you’ll get a lot of value – I certaintly did!

7 James Yancey February 1, 2012

Tonya, I’ve had them for a while and still get value – get it and your teams hands and watch what happens!

8 Wendy Elwell February 1, 2012

I agree scripts are so important with building a business. It shows your prospect the business you are presenting them is absolutely duplicatable. Thanks for sharing.

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