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MLSP The Live The Dream – RECAP!

by James Yancey

So! If you don’t know, what Live The Dream was… And if you do know – here’s, what you missed!

Live The Dream, was the first international event held by My Lead System Pro (MLSP).  MLSP is an online system that teaches people EXACTLY how to market, brand themselves, and create affiliate commissions, while building a target audience of people interested in the business of network marketing.   So, If you are new to building a network marketing business on the internet, or have a desire to learn the “how to’s” MLSP is the foundation you need to get started.  If you’ve been on the internet awhile, MLSP is THE place to network with other world class marketers and to collaborate to explode any mlm business.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON MLSP.

Now, Here’s what you missed!
Live The Dream Event - My Lead System ProFriday, was registration.  Typically not to exciting, but when you’ve got about 500 networkers and entrepreneurs from all over the world in Vegas – even registration ends up being fun.  This was the time to meet and put a name to people you’d either only followed on the internet,  or only communicated with through email, or the phone.  There’s something about meeting someone in person, that makes all the difference.  After registration there was a reception for the VIP’s with of all things FOOD and an OPEN BAR!  Needless to say, it was an exciting and energetic environment, were everyone got an opportunity to unwind and get familiar.

The Event started ealy Saturday morning, and the day was broken into 3 sections.  Each day there were 2 rounds of speakers, then a breakout session were you could get into more detail, and hands on Q & A.

Todd Falcone- Prospecting Master, Speaker, Trainer

MLSP Todd FalconeTodd kicked the event off, and killed it – if you haven’t connected with Todd he is hilarious!  Todd is an expert at connecting with professionals and spoke about, you guessed it connecting with professionals.  While this had little to do with internet marketing it had everything to do with network marketing.  If you can’t connect offline – you’re going to have the same challenges online, and Todd trains in speaks in a way that will make you realize, this business isn’t that serious, “We just talk to people.”  For more info on Todd’s training and scripts CLICK HERE.

 Nicole Cooper – Mailbox Money Queen, Social Media Expert
Nicole Cooper - MLSPWhat can I say, Nicole is sharp!  She really get’s this game – knows network marketing is a game, and knows how to play it.  She really stretched everyone’s vision when she spoke about how she often turns people away from her business.  She literally will tell somone hey you’re not ready to join my team, take the next three months read, “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and “How To Win Friends and Influence People.”  Then, we can talk about were you are then, and see if my team is fit for you – WOW!

I made sure to connect with Nicole after she spoke because I had to compliment her, on the LIST method she spoke about.  I have been teaching  this method for a while,  and it’s not rocket science but the name LIST method put everything into perspective and is genious!  The accronym LIST demonstrates what we ALL need to do, which is KEEP IT SIMPLE!  The list method is a simple method we use to create content or information and share it through social media.  The LIST method will help you get over the hump, when you don’t know what to write about, or create video about, and the best part – it’s simple.

L.I.S.T. (Learn, Implement, Share, TeachLEARN something, and it can be anything, what ever you feel, you need to learn, then IMPLEMENT it in your business, when it’s working SHARE it with others, finally TEACH them to do the same.   Now take this and run with it.

MJ Durkin – Author, Trainer, Speaker
MJ Durkin - MLSPI’d heard of MJ’s most notible book “Double Your Contacts,” but had never picked it up.  So his style and energy were new to me.  MJ’s topic was “Why Write A Book,” and he detailed how to get your first book finished and published.  What stood out most in my mind is how MJ explained to us, how rare it is to publish a book.  Out of approximately 309 million american’s only 240,000 have ever written and published a book, that’s .08 of the population.  Contrasting this to the 800,ooo american doctors, who make up 4% of the population, it obvious.  The moment you get a book published YOU ARE SPECIAL, less than 1% of the population. The exact words he uses to prospect are, “I wrote a book on the subject, can I send it to you with my compliments?”  Talk about an IRRESISTIBLE invitation.

Mike Dillard- The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Mike Dillard - MLSPMike Dillard, didn’t speak – he educated.  If you don’t know who Mike Dillard is he’s pretty much responsible for network marketers jumping on the internet.  Mike chose to do a panel where he could answer questions instead of doing a speech.  Everyone in Vegas actively building online stays current with Mike’s teachings (he’s all over my resource page) so, Q & A just made sense.

One of the best questions, was poised by Mia Davies, she asked Mike if he saw the most opportunity online or offline, and how to balance the two.  During his answer you could have heard a pin drop.  Mike said, he saw HUGE opporutnity OFFLINE, because of the baby boomers.  He even discussed his own family members how they need a plan for retirement, but they have NO INTEREST in learning the skill set needed to thrive online.  Mike talked about how baby boomers are accustomed to connecting face to face, and if you don’t have a plan for offline business your missing the boat.  I think I may have given Mike an early standing ovation because I couldn’t agree more.  Marrying online and offline is the only way to create long term success.  If you’re only building online or offline exclusively you missing the big picture.  You deserve to implement Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring into your business CLICK HERE to learn more.

Brian Fanale – MLSP Co-Founder, Master Copywriter, Musician!
Brian Fannale - MLSPBrian, picked it up where Mike Dillard left off.  Mike was asked if he was starting over where would he begin and he said without at  doubt copywriting.  Brian is a killer copywriter and he gave us the goods.  Copywriting is selling through the written word, it’s one thing to be able to speak, but it’s a whole different level to be able to motivate people through writing.  Brian talked about how copywriting will BLEED into other areas of your life, and went on to talk about the 2 BIG MOTIVATORS humans have.

  • Hope of Gain
  • Avoidance of Pain

He then went on to discuss the 4 elements of  a good sales message.

  • Who are you?
  • What do you have?
  • Why do they need it?  (I say why do they care?)
  • How can they get it?

This was powerful for me, because just a week prior to this I was teaching my cousin this EXACT same formula and philosophy.  It was awesome to hear an entrepreneur of Brian’s caliber teach the same lesson to an audience of about 500 people.

Day 1 ENDS!
So, Day one came to a close with breakout sessions were everyone in attendance got time with each speaker in a smaller setting.  Having the opportunity to ask one on one questions and GO DEEP was priceless.  After the breakout sessions there was a private VIP party with an OPEN BAR and FOOD.  This party WAS AWESOME!!!  It was in a sportsbar, were we had the run of the place.  I got an opportunity to flex some skills on the pool table, and it was a lot of fun -and did I mention there was an open bar!

Day 2

Day 2 – Started with maybe 3 hours sleep, and that’s being generous.  It was worth getting up early,when at events I live by the philosophy of I’ll sleep when I’m dead!  Jerry Clarke started the day off with mindset training

Jerry Clark – Trainer, Speaker, Flat out Genius!
Jerry Clarke - MLSPThis was the second time, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jerry speak, and I’ve been on a few conference calls with him too.  IF YOU EVER, have a chance to be in Jerry’s company – do yourself a FAVOR and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!  This guy is a winner, if you looked up winner in the dictionary you’d see a picture of Jerry holding a HUGE check – LOL!  Jerry is a master of teaching  people about the mindset they need to have to be successful as a business owner.  To often, people under estimate or ignore the mental side of business and success in life.  Jerry’s teachings will force and inspire you to focus on what matters most, the space between your ears.  I can’t summarize all that he shared here, NO ONE COULD.  But, if you’re reading this YOU know everyone want to know HOW TO DO THIS BUSINESS, but success isn’t about HOW TO, he broke it down in percentages and here it is.

  • Techinical Know How (or how to) 15% of the equation
  • Internal Communication (what you say to yourself) 50% of the equation
  • External Communication (what you say to others) 35% of the equation

These 3 link together to create success because with out the correct internal and external communciation the TECHNICAL KNOW HOW, is worthless.  If you have the EMPOWERING communication with yourself down, you can learn everything else.  SO TRUE!!!

Tracey Walker – Blogger, Success Coach
Tracey Walker - MLSPTracey is awesome, she used basketball as a metaphor to the network marketing and it really rang true for me.  You see basketball is one my favorite sports to watch I was even a season ticket holder of the Washington Wizards for a few years.  The theme of Tracey’s story was dribble, pass, shoot.


Dibbling is a MUST HAVE skill in basketball, you’ve got to dribble in order to advance the ball.  Dribbling is like prospecting, you’ve got prospect to advance and move your business forward.


In basketball you’ve got to pass the ball to team mates, you’re not always open.  In network marketing, you’ve got to pass propsects on to tools, and 3 way calls for 3rd party violation, put the emphasis on team- not on you.  You shouldn’t want or need to always be the star.


You’ve got to shoot the ball in order to succeed.  Just like you’ve got to ask someone to get started in your business.   Making shots takes practice and consistent practice, just like success in your business.

Tracey’s talk was simple, to the point, and inspiring.

Cedrick Harris – Closer Extrodinare, Leader
Cedrick Harris - MLSPTalk about transparency, Cedrick talked about some intimate details of his life.  His honesty, in sharing the early trials and tribulations of his youth were inspiring.  Cedrick also talked about his experience and success in the mortgage industry, this portion of Cedrick’s talk really stood out to me, having personally been a top producer in the corportate world prior to starting a mortgage brokerage.

The numbers Cedrick has put up in the mortgage industry and network marketing are nothing short of INCREDIBLE.  He attributed this success to understanding personality types.  Cedrick is quick to point out that this business is not about compensation plans, it’s not about products it’s about PEOPLE.  If you don’t understand PEOPLE you don’t understand this business.  One my favorite quotes Cedrick often says is, “Money only comes from one place, PEOPLE!”

Daegan Smith – Master marketer, King of Never Calling a Single Lead
Deagan Smith - MLSPDaegan Smith is someone you deserve to know.  Daegan is the Guru’s – Guru.  He flat out accomplishes incredible things like generating 2600 leads in a single day, and he does it consistently.  Daegan’s also one of the most laid back guys you will ever meet.  He schooled everyone there on PAID TRAFFIC, if you’ve got a budget and want to learn how to dominate in paid traffic Daegan is the man hands down.  While Daegan has and is known for never calling leads, he’ll be the first to admit – you wan’t to build a relationship with your leads.  Daegan builds relationships by offering so much FREE INFORMATION, that you are going to buy when the times right.  PAID TRAFFIC is not for everyone, it requires an analytical mind focused on these three elements.

  • LEAD to SALE
  • A CUSTOMERS LIFETIME VALUE (The value of long term relationships)

David Wood – Article Marketing Wizard – Born Again Network Marketer
David Wood - MLSPDavid Wood’s is a guy who came out of NO WHERE and put up numbers NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE.  David’s talk was off the cuff, but still structured.  He’s got an uncanny ability to speak from the heart and engage people.  I call David the born again network marketer, because I’ve scene alot of changes in his approach to this business.  You see David’s only been online for a little over a year, and had INSTANT SUCCESS.  He’s literally killing it, and it’s obvious he’s come to realize network marketing is not about individual results it’s about a team.  David’s instant success allowed him to see, first hand – that his success was not duplicatable by a large group.  If you’ve been following David, you recognize how he’s transitioned his message TO BENEFIT his team.  He’s gone from teaching people how to be a GURU to teaching people how to get started and make money today, while learning the skills to be a GURU along the way and thats something you’ve got to respect.

David is an incredible trainer, and he and I agree on alot in this game of network marketing one area in particular is duplication.   You see people aren’t duplicatable but SYSTEMS ARE.  David primary point was that people need to find out what they do best, and do that.  If your creative be creative with your content, whether it be articles or video.  If you’re social, social media, and live events maybe what your best suited for.  If you analytical you may want to focus on paid strategies.  What ever type of person you already are focus on your strengths, and the success will follow.

Live The Dream Event Ends

Norbert Orlewicz closed the event out with a recap, and some exciting announcements, that you’ll want to stay tuned for.  MLSP will be doing some amazing things to help even more people reach the levels of success they strive for and LIVE THERE DREAMS!

Sunday Night VIP Dinner
After the main event closed there was a small intimate dinner with the co-founders of MLSP, and a handful of VIP’s and speakers.  There was a awesome spread of FOOD and you guest it an OPEN BAR.  It was an incredible experience to be able to mastermind with some of the greatest minds on the internet.  Whatever you have to do to get there next year do yourself, your family, and your business a favor and GET THERE!

My Take Aways-
My major take aways from this event was not any TRICK or SECRET, the event increased my personal vision of possibility.  The event also showed me the value of OFFLINE networking, and helped me renew my belief in OFFLINE RECRUITING.  Not because of the speakers, although some did touch on it’s importance.  But having an smorgesboard of networkers in one location from all over the world, and be able to easily meet, great, and become friends with them.  The experience would have not been the same, if I didn’t have a solid foundation of networking offline.  Network marketing is a business of incredible opporutnity, when you combine it with the internet THERE ARE NO LIMITS!

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To your success!


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