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The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed In Network Marketing

by James Yancey

Do You Need To Drink The Kool-Aid To Succeed In Network Marketing?

The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed In MLMWhen it comes to success – belief is the name of the game.  Unwavering belief is required to succeed in any area of life.  Network Marketing is no different – those that have belief will always enjoy more success than those that don’t have a strong belief in what they offer.   In Direct Sales and Network Marketing there are 4 types of belief that are required to succeed.  To excel in any business you’ll need to have a solid foundation of belief rooted in 4 areas.  I’ll even go as far as to say an individual with a low level of belief in any of these 4 areas may struggle to produce ANY results.  So this is an extremely important blog post.  If you’re struggling to succeed or uncertain about why you’re generating the results you currently have – this will help you understand where you need to place your belief.  Best of all you don’t have to drink any Kool-Aid, you simply have to believe and then take action.

Belief In The Industry – The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed

In order to achieve significant results in Network Marketing you’ve got to believe in the industry as a whole.  You’ve got to know that it’s legitimate, offers a real ability to create wealth, and that the common person can do it.  Without belief in the industry nothing else matters.  Even if your goal is only to create an extra $500 per month you still must believe that wealth can be created.  If you don’t have strong belief you’ll never attract a person who does – so you’ll never create a consistent income.

It’s been reported that Direct Sales companies and Network Marketing companies produce more millionaires than any other industry.  I’m sure you’ve heard that said, you may even repeat it as fact – but have you ever actually thought about it.  I challenge you to consider this.  How many people do you know with a job?  How many people do you know who have earned a million dollars in 1 calendar year from a job?  Here is the challenge, find a credible quality Network Marketing company and find out how many people have earned over 1 million dollars in commissions in a calendar year.  I’ll bet you’ll find it hard not to find normal everyday individuals who have created incredible verifiable lifestyles and millions within the Industry.  Accepting this challenge will improve your belief, renew your commitment, and therefore improve your results.

Belief In The Company – The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed

Selecting a good company should be obvious; unfortunately 95% of people don’t know how to evaluate a company.  Making their ability to truly believe in the company limited or based on someone else opinion – and not their own.  Having a well thought-out personal opinion on your company is by far one of the best ways to increase your belief in the company.  Unfortunately most don’t know how to evaluate a company let alone choose on that best suits their ability, skill set, or existing network.

To evaluate a company you always need to begin with the management and the marketing system.  You have to determine if you believe the management has the ability to lead a multi-million or multi-billion dollar organization.  You can base this assessment on their previous track record, or where the company is, and where they need to go in order for you to achieve your goals.  Next you need to evaluate the field leadership, the marketing system, and then the product.  A great product with poor leadership or a poor system will destroy and chances of success.  I challenge you to take a good look at the management of your company, the system to share the product, and the true financial opportunity.  Be as honest as possible with your assessment of the companies ability to grow and duplicate into the future.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the company currently is – it matters if it can continue to grow rapidly under the existing leadership and system.   Taking this action step will help you evaluate if you’ve partnered with a credible company and will skyrocket your belief!

Belief In The Product – The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed

The product or service in any business is a large component of its success.  However, most over estimate its importance.  It’s a fact that every product has its benefits, its limitations, and its challenges.  This is true for Network Marketing, Direct Sales, and Traditional Business.  This is why there is a competitive marketplace and you should embrace competition.  To stand out your product must offer a competitive price, value, customer experience or service, and also be somewhat unique.  If your product or service has these 4 elements and is marketed aggressively the product should stand out in the marketplace.   Finally you’ve got to know and believe that there is value for your product or service outside of the compensation plan.  It will be hard to have complete belief in a company that doesn’t have a large satisfied customer base.  Closely evaluate the ratio of distributors to customers this will give you the best gauge to the value of your product in the marketplace.  If you’re partnered with a quality company it will strengthen your belief and help you passionately share what you have.

Belief In Yourself – The 4 Beliefs Required To Succeed

beliefYou are the most important element of your success.  You must have 100% belief in yourself and your ability to succeed long before you ever actually succeed.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing you will get more confident as you generate results.  The truth is you have to be confident in order to produce results.  While, it’s true that your confidence will increase as you produce results, it’s also a fact that you will struggle to grow your business if you are not, as confident as, or more confident than the prospects you pursue – and without sponsoring confident prospects your business will never duplicate.  Ultimately, all of your success will stem from your belief in yourself first.

Increase Your Belief With A System!

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