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The 7 Essential Ways To Handle The Obstacles Of Life & Business

by James Yancey

How To Handle The Obstacles Of Life & Business

The one thing I can absolutely guarantee you in business and in life is that you will face challenges.  Building a business from home brings with it the challenge of balancing your personal life and your business.  That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you learn to manage challenges and obstacles before they appear.  That’s why in this blog post I’m going to share with you the 7 essential ways to handle the obstacles of life and business.

Find The Root Of The Problem

Finding the root of the problem may seem obvious, but you know what most don’t take this approach.  You need to ask yourself the important questions – why am I upset, what is causing me pain and frustration, what can I do right now to move change the situation and move towards my goals? Whatever the challenge maybe you’ve got to focus your effort into determining the root of the problem.

Research The Problem

Now that you’ve found the problem do your homework and solve it.  Whatever the challenge you’re facing in life or in business someone else has faced that same challenge on their journey to success.  Use the power of the internet to serve you by researching the solutions to your challenges.  This shouldn’t take a lot of time – you want to implement a solution immediately and continue to do so until you find the one that works best for you.

Recruit The Assistance Of Others

Seek help!  If you’re involved in direct sales or network marketing you should have a mentor, friends in the business, and a circle of positive influences around you.  More often than not the challenges you face have been experienced and conquered by one or more people around you.  If your brand new seek out people within your organization and be open to share, learn, and most importantly implement the solution to your challenges quickly while focusing on what you want to accomplish.

Attitude Is The Only Thing

It’s been said attitude is everything, in reality it’s the only thing.  Whatever your frustration or challenge the key lies in changing your attitude about the situation.  We’ve also all heard what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – are you practicing that philosophy?  Developing a positive mental attitude requires time and patience with yourself.  You’ve got to learn to listen to your own language, feelings and then allow yourself to look at the challenge or situation from a different perspective.   Your attitude will penetrate every area of your personal life and your business.

Use Trial And Error – Never Give Up

Keep going, whatever comes up – you have the ability to handle and overcome.  Try alternative solutions; be flexible, and never quit.  The solutions is out there – make it your mission to find it.  Follow the old adage winners never quit and quitters never win.  To succeed in business you’ve got to build a long term vision and work towards that vision.  Where will you be in 1 year, 5, years, 10 years, as you move towards your vision?  Perseverance will lead you to success – increase your confidence, and self-belief, stay grounded and rooted in your why, your goals, and the person you’re becoming in the process.

Clear Your Thoughts And Sleep On It

Rest and recovery is a vital component of life.  In order to have the ability to handle the challenges that will come up in life and business you must have the mental and physical energy to handle it.  As you build your business you’ll eventually be mentoring individuals who will face the same challenges you did – tackling these issues will make absolutely make you more valuable.

Get Physical

Getting and staying in shape will help you in every area of life and business.  You’ll benefit mentally and physically by developing more energy, self-esteem, and personal pride.  The more energy, self-esteem, and pride you develop the more attractive you will become to those around you and the more results you will create.  Putting the proper energy in motion in your physical body will transfer to your emotional state, you’ll also hit and break through physical and mental barriers in the process, while adding to you overall health and wellness.

Putting It All Together

There is no finish line, imagining some point of arrival only limits your ability to grow.  Focus on the area that needs the most attention first while not neglecting any others.  When challenges arise – take note of your mental and emotional state, breath, and immediately look to the root of the problem.  Work to create balance in your life, it will help keep you happy, motivated, and on the path to creating the lifestyle you desire.

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