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Habits Are The Key To Success

by James Yancey

Habits Are The Key To Success

Habits Are The Key To SuccessOne of my favorite quotes is by Charles C. Noble it reads, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”  Even though this quote is true, it’s not true for everyone.  The fact is few people actually make the personal choice to create their habits, and therefore most don’t and won’t manifest success.  Fact is we’re all a collection of our habits the good ones and bad and like it or not our habits completely control our actions.  So understanding our current habits and then creating the habits that support us in our goals is the key to success.

The Power of Habits

None of us are born with habits – we’re born with instincts.  The habits we inadvertently or intentionally create are what make or break us.  If you’ve been living on autopilot recognize that’s the norm and if you want ordinary results continue to do what those with ordinary results do.  However, if you want extraordinary results you’ve got to do what those with extraordinary results do.  Studies have shown that 95% of what we do is based on our habits.  That includes everything we think, feel, achieve, and ultimately do.  Once we recognize that it’s our habits we need to focus on we will be ready to take the next step toward creating the life and lifestyle we desire.

Finding Your Why – The Habit of Success

It’s the individual with the clear compelling vision filled with desire and specific reasons why they must succeed that ultimately do.  Anyone with a strong “why” supported by specific habits will always out produce the person with talent thats mastered the “how” activities.  Having the best skill set without a compelling vision will never lead us to long-term results.  Even if we have all the necessary skills to win unless we have an extremely compelling reason that lifts us up when we face challenges we will ultimately lose momentum and fall back into old habits that don’t support our goals.

Willpower Doesn’t Work – It’s About Crafting A Character

Willpower never works, yet 95% of people with a goal focus on willpower. The willpower strategy will always fail us.  We’ve got to have the proper habits, compelling reasons, and personal core values that support us to create long term success.  It’s the congruency within our habits, reasons why, and core values that create the winning formula.  Determining and directing our core values will help us create or re-create our personal identity and will guide us in our decisions and ultimately our actions.  Without clearly defined core values we will find ourselves making choices that conflict with our goals.

Marry Your Habits With Your Goals

Habits Are The Key To SuccessMost people have realized the importance of goals, and goals are extremely important.  Without goals you have no vision for the future.  Yet goals alone are not the answer.  We must have a roadmap and game plan to achieve our goals.  Once we have clearly defined goals, we must determine the habits we need to create to support our success, take note of the values we must have, why it’s important, and then simply take consistent action.  Be sure to review your goals, reason why, and values daily as you replace old habit with your new ones.  Establishing a new habit can take up to six weeks, yet if you want extraordinary results never take your habits for granted, look for support, and recognize that you have the ability to craft your habit, values, and ultimately your character.  This is the awesome power and responsibility we all have and gives us the power to win in the game of life.

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