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Hype is Killing Your MLM Business!

by James Yancey

STOP the MLM Hype!

You are the seller – your credibility is on trial not your prospects, avoid the hype!

We’ll it’s been a few weeks since my last MLM RANT!  So, here we go!  If there is one thing that drives me crazy about MLM it’s the hype!  What other profession exists where most (that’s right I said it, most!) of the participants feel it’s not only necessary but mandatory to hype up their opportunity, their earnings, the ease of the opportunity, the timing, their products, or some other aspect of their business or profession?

I’ll wait………..   That’s right there is none!

MLM RantIf you’re like me and you’re tired of the hype – let’s do something about it!  Especially if you’re a person who believes in DUPLICATION, shouldn’t we be leading by example?  Where does the hype start is it on the stage or in the field?  Or both?  Simple answer right?  BOTH!  Regardless of if your on stage or in the field get rid of the hype.  The fact is 85% of people involved in the network marketing industry are part-time or as the guru’s say “hobbyists” and will never succeed by repeating or attempting to duplicate hype – they need to duplicate one thing and one thing only.


There is absolutely no reason to “TRY” and build your mlm business with hype, and I believe there are 3 types of hype that maybe killing your MLM business!

3 Types Of Hype That Are Destroying MLM

Let’s start with the biggest problem I see, online, offline, and everywhere in between.


Promises, promises – WOW what a problem, and boy is it easy to solve.  From product claims like, “Our company’s product will help you (insert promise).”  Stop for a second and think – how can you possibly predict how a product or service will impact another person’s life – let alone their family and their friends?

The compensation promises, WOW these drive me crazy!  I could go on and on and on about this topic, because I’ve met only a handful of MLM‘ers who truly understand compensation plans (this is why so many including top earners jump from company to company it’s not for the products?)

I can only speak from what I see and some of what I see pisses me off!  There is a lot of issues with promises – not to single any companies out, but it wouldn’t be a RANT if I didn’t say something so here goes!  What’s going on with these binaries or as I think of them, lie-naries.  Get in now and all these people will be on YOUR team!  Doesn’t every newbie think that means they will make money?  You’ve only gotta build one side!  Is it just me or is that a lie?  Hmmm, interesting!

Maybe a lie is harsh; it’s certainly an issue of integrity!  Maybe that’s why I’ve never considered a binary and why I teach and preach this script – I CAN’T PROMISE YOU ANYTHING…  This is what happened for me (product/service story)…  While I can’t promise you anything in my 1st 30 days I was able to…  With my help what would you like to accomplish?

The 2nd Type of Hype That Is Killing The MLM Industry!


The mine is better attitude is killing the game!  We are all network marketers, we get it, we recognize an opportunity for time and financial leverage – we all drank the Kool Aid, so stop all the chest beating – its ineffective and worst of all it wreaks of desperation.  It’s also an opinion, YOURS, why would a prospect care?

Unless you’re working your MLM program for FREE and refusing compensation STOP talking about how GREAT your company is and how it’s the best NO ONE CARES!  Mine is the best, join it, so I get paid, by the way are compensation is the best, so as soon as you join I’m rich!  Isn’t that what is really being said, and isn’t it ridiculous and about time we expect and teach “a better way!”  No one person or company can do it alone – we as LEADERS need to set the tone!  So let’s drop the mine is the “BEST.”  To restate it again, no prospect cares why “YOU” think your company is the best?  You are already in, you are looking to profit from being in, and you can’t wait to “GET THEM” in to your great deal.  (They get it, shouldn’t we?)

Script time, I’ve come across something that made an impact on “ME” it helped me (blank)…  In fact, I was so impressed I decided to market “insert product/service” (not the company name WHO CARES) part time.  “WHO” do you know that (blank)… could help?

Stop the craziness, we’ve got the VERY BEST scientifically backed, space aged, life changing, money-making, money-saving, life improving, time-saving, magic….  Buy it and join it now before the world ends and you never make another dollar, and this opportunity goes away, don’t think buy, click here to get rich now.  That simply doesn’t work, is not duplicable, is annoying, lacks integrity, and is a big reason people fail, quit, do nothing, fence sit, lack belief, and are skeptics.  Lastly it’s why most won’t let the wrong prospects go, and chase, chase, chase people who show any interest or worse AREN’T even interested.

(Obviously this isn’t a cure-all, if it was it would be an MLM product right! Instead it’s just an MLM RANT!)

The 3rd Type of Hype Limiting Your MLM Results!


MLM RantOverstating, this one’s the combination of the two – it combines the mine is the best attitude with the promises.  Have you heard any of these lines, I’ll bet you have – “Our company is debt free, MLM creates more millionaires than any other industry, we have the best compensation plan in the industry, our retention rate is the highest in the industry, EVERYONE NEEDS OUR PRODUCT, WE HAVE A SIMPLE SYSTEM THAT ANYONE CAN DO!”  Which one of these statements is verifiable?  If it doesn’t pass the how do you know test DON’T SAY IT!  MLM company owners if you want leaders saying companies are debt free – show us the financials!  (Am I the only one who has seen a “debt free” mlm company go belly up or be publicly traded – unfortunately some companies don’t seem to know that stock is debt, leases are debt, inventory is debt, commissions are debts, hilarious!)

Anyone can do it! (Stop the music, anyone? REALLY) (This one’s another MLM RANT for another time!)

Sad, isn’t it – and clearly we need to change it.  Stop building to get to the top to see all the dead bodies beneath you – look for the right people, teach them things they can immediately do, stories they can tell, methods they can share, how to build and tell their story (not the companies or the top earners story), think creatively, then do it a little bit more.

Delayed gratification vs. no gratification – while you may sign someone up with hype – will they stay?  Will they duplicate, if they quit how will they leave your business, how will they leave the MLM industry?

Remember, your recommendation is tied to compensation – the prospect knows this, you know it, know that it creates resistance.  Why won’t people buy, join, or do anything in my team???  Now you know!  Too much hype, not enough training on easy things MLM‘ers can do with integrity that can grow their self-esteem, belief, and self respect.  Shouldn’t building a business feel good?  Is financial freedom real or is the money counterfeit?  With all our industries focus on personal development (which I love) what happened, did we skip the books and audio programs on integrity?  Let’s all focus on BEING better; so that we can all do better.

Your Partner In Success!

James Yancey



PS. Nothing to opt in to here, I’m not looking for leads – I am looking for leaders, if this made sense to you and you’re tired of all the BS, online and offline call me 443-321-9934.  There is a better way!

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