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The Big Problem With Network Marketing (RANT!)

by James Yancey

Network Marketing The “BIG” Problem (RANT!)

The Problems With Network MarketingIs the big problem with Network Marketing the training?  Is it our friends?  Maybe it’s our family?  Maybe the big problem with Network Marketing is the company we joined?  Could it be our sponsor?  Maybe it’s the product?  Maybe we don’t have enough time?  Maybe we’re overwhelmed or don’t know anyone.  Maybe it’s that we don’t have enough leads, or the leads we have they all suck!  Maybe our up line is no good, maybe we got started too early or maybe too late….  Maybe all of these reasons combined are the big problem with Network Marketing…..


Maybe the real problem is….YOU?  What if you actually decided to be the problem?  Do you think that would give you options?  If you actually chose to be the problem, you could choose to be a big problem, a small problem, or no problem, go ahead and decide, it’s your business.  Or you can easily find a way to blame others, the choice is yours to make – you can choose your power or your problem, and for most that’s the real problem!

Whatever you’ve decided and whatever your problem with Network Marketing is…  It’s “YOUR” problem!  The big problem with Network Marketing is we don’t first identify and accept “our” problem or problems.  The fact is the “big” problem is different for everyone; the good news is there is a universal problem solver.

And it’s…. Leadership!

It’s not my leadership; it’s not even the type of leadership you’ll find in a book, seminar, or course.  You can’t get it by opting in to my website or anyone else’s.  You can’t even get it or buy it anywhere.

Network Marketing It's Up To You!Because it’s personal, personal leadership is the answer – it’s always been the answer!  It will always be the answer and you already knew it!  It’s already inside you, and it’s already telling you what to do?  Are you willing to listen?

You can get direction, guidance, and training anywhere, but you can only get personal leadership from one place… And that’s from inside yourself?

What are you doing today as the CEO of your own life to build yourself?  Not build your business, but build yourself – what’s your plan?  What are you doing to build your confidence? What are you doing to be a better listener?  What are you doing to be a person of action or even be a better friend, a better husband, wife, child, parent?

What are you doing to be better?  What are you doing to listen to the voice inside your head that’s telling you to take charge of your life?  The real problem with Network Marketing is us, and the good news is we are also the solution!  You already have everything you need inside you to get better and to win – just decide, not once but daily, hourly, with each passing minute!  Decide, and the improvement will spill from every area of your life, into the lives of others, and then and only then into your business!

Leave a comment down below and proclaim what you going to do today to improve!

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{ 12 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Shirley February 1, 2012

This is an awesome blog post James, Thank you for sharing your insights and inspiration with us. Warmest Regards Shirley
Shirley recently posted..5 Red Hot Tips To Condition Your Marketing Mindset!My Profile

2 James Yancey February 1, 2012

Thanks Shirley! I’m fired up and ready to go go go!

3 Tonya February 1, 2012

This is so great James! We always want to put the blame off on others instead of taking responsibility for it ourselves! I loved your phrase “you can choose your power or your problem!” Makes sense to me!
Tonya recently posted..Reading Labels FiberMy Profile

4 Julie Beachum February 2, 2012

Great “rant” James!!
Many times we are our biggest problem, great leadership and mentoring is key in this business to cut out some of the frustration. Thanks for sharing,

Julie Beachum recently posted..How To Build A List For Internet MarketingMy Profile

5 Elizabeth February 2, 2012

Hey James,
You are right. We cannot hold people responsible for our mistakes, lack of ability to come to decision or even take action. Thanks for sharing this with us here, its very inspiring!
Elizabeth recently posted..Your Website Has Been Hacked? : 9 Steps on How To Keep ControlMy Profile

6 Radu February 2, 2012

Hey James,
Beautiful rant. We are not our problems but something stronger than that. Yet, problems are just for that, to unlock that huge, magnificent inner potential . Until we don’t accept complete responsability for everything that happens the potential will remain dormant waiting for us to wake up.

Responsability and personal leadership creates miracles..others will be impacted positively by our presence. So the key to make the world a better place, and our NM biz, is to change from inside first.

Thanks for sharing,

7 Michelle James February 2, 2012

Great post James. Nice to meet you. I will most definitely be sharing this. My team could get a lot from this post. A lot of us do not want to take responsibility for ourselves. Thanks for sharing
Michelle James recently posted..How To Become Successful!My Profile

8 David Sharp February 2, 2012

As you say James our biggest obstacle is ourselves but when we get past that we can realise how awesome we are.

David Sharp recently posted..Even Home Business Owners Have To Keep WarmMy Profile

9 Susan Redmon February 2, 2012

Hi James, enjoyed reading your rant … The Big Problem With Network Marketing! To bad there are so many marketers who just don’t get it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ~ Susan
Susan Redmon recently posted..The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing…My Profile

10 Tristram Lodge February 2, 2012

Hi James, Great post and it’s always good to have a rant. You have just covered pretty much most people on the planet who will always look for somebody else to blame for their lack of money, bad job or the boss they hate. Once they start to accept they are the problem then and only then can they do something about changing their situation. Love this post, looking forward to see more content.

Tristram Lodge
Tristram Lodge recently posted..I Just Found Ray Higdon On An Apple And An Android!!My Profile

11 Ruth February 2, 2012

Awesome post James. You are right about accepting responsibility for our life. At the end of the day, our success depends on us, not an upline or company or anybody else.
Ruth recently posted..What To Look For When Choosing The Best Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

12 Sandy Moore February 6, 2012

A descriptive post James about building you Inc.
The flow and balance comes from within and without it success will always elude the chaser.
Sandy Moore recently posted..Crucial Tips to Improve Your Alexa RankingMy Profile

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