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The Secret To Conquer The Fear Of Failure Now

by James Yancey

Conquering The Fear Of Failure

fear of failureIn order to succeed in life, business, and even relationships at some point you’ve must learn to conquer the fear of failure.  The idea of failure sucks, it’s useless and it will only paralyze you from what it is that you want now and in the future.  This is why I’m going to give you some simple ideas and techniques you can use to conquer your fear of failure forever.  To conquer the fear of failure the first thing that you’ve got to do is internalize that failure is only an idea.  Mankind invented the idea of failure –  and if you stop and think about it the idea of failure is one of man’s failures, so it’s time we all learned from that failure.  Since, humans created failure we can also eliminate the perception of failure.  Interestingly enough that’s why the only way to conquer fear is to replace your current idea or perception of fear with better ideas that empower you to take the actions necessary to reach your goals. 

In Network Marketing fear is the #1 reason people fail.  Fear is the reason people procrastinate, fail to take action, and stop actively sharing their product and opportunity.  Fear is even the reason why prospects that are extremely interested don’t get started.  90% of people who look at a quality Network Marketing program are intrigued with what they see.  The harsh reality is most allow their fears to prevent them from getting involved and or taking the necessary actions to succeed.

Monsters, Are They Still Scary? – Conquering The Fear Of Failure

fear of failureWhat’s interesting about fear is that it’s not failure that holds anyone back – it’s the anticipation of failure.  Everyone on the planet has experienced failure, and everyone that has achieved significant levels of success simply learned to never allow the fear of failure to make them overly cautious.  When you completely accept that failure is a part of any and every process in life – you’ll embrace failure and focus on failing forward fast.  As babies, not one of us learned how to walk without failing down, not one of us learned to read without making mistakes, isn’t it about time you stopped being afraid of the boogey man.  The boogey man has always been inside your head, you are the boogey man once you realize you control your fear by your own thoughts – and you can start deciding to change what you think about.  Chances are you already know the fear you have is irrational, continue to question it.  Ask yourself questions like – how does this fear hold me back, how is it helping me, what would be the payoff for eliminating this fear all together?

Instead of avoiding your fears address them and move towards them – you have to do the things you fear first – the courage always comes afterwards.  As children we all faced our irrational fears – being scared of the dark, the monster in the closet, or under the bed.  As an adult these fears are silly aren’t they and you now recognize that it’s also silly to be afraid of what someone will say, think, or any other imagined outcome.

The Answer Is U and You – Conquering the Fear of Failure

When it comes to business once you realize that you can learn a lesson each and every time you make a mistake, you should be extremely grateful, excited and anxious to learn new things quickly in other words you should be excited to fail forward fast. 

Remember success always looks like failure first.  Success is shaped like a U because it’s all about you.  In the beginning success looks like failure, if you press forward it will look like and feel like no progress is being made, then the magic happens.  This simple little fact is true in business and in life.  So you’ve got to expect challenges and then focus on what you hope to gain, without taking a combination of risk and action you can’t explore or take advantage of any opportunity or experience.

Do You Fear The Unknown?  Conquer The Fear Of Failure

Another major reason people fear failure is that they fear not knowing the outcome in advance.  This one is easy to overcome; it simply requires a shift in focus.  You’ve got to stop focusing on the outcome and begin focusing on learning – the faster you do the faster you’ll grow.

For some of you this may be good news, for same it may be the bad news.  The fact is the best way to reduce fear is to take action without thinking.  To get into action ask yourself – what are the odds of the worst case scenario actually happening?  Consider what’s worse – the fear of taking action or the frustration of having the same fears and outcomes forever?

Action Always Trumps Fear – Conquering The Fear Of Failure

fear of failureIn order to overcome your fears, simply begin taking deliberate steps towards your fear.  Focus on taking action towards your fear as often as possible.  To build momentum and get started ask yourself these questions, now that that I have no fear what is the first thing that I should do?  Then do it as soon as you get the answer.  Here’s another, what would I do if I was ten times bolder?  As soon as you get the answer do it.  Hesitation leads to procrastination, so you’ve got to focus on deliberately taking action immediately without thinking.  Taking action without thinking when receiving an answer, an idea, or inspiration is what achievers do and is what you now do.  The last one I will give you is ask yourself, what would I do right now if I knew I couldn’t fail.  Now go do it!

fear of failure
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