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The 3 Lessons I learned From Sooky and True Blood To Fight OFF ENERGY Vampires…

by James Yancey

My Sooky And True Blood Tips For Energy Vamps

true blood

Man o man, if you have blood pumping through your veins I know you’ve come in contact with an energy vampire. These people will bleed you dry if you let them.

If you allow them to they’ll turn you, just like the VAMPS on True Blood.  On TV they drink Tru Blood in real life energy Vamps drink HATER-AID, because for some reasons energy vampires are HATERS that  love and feed on negativity.  I don’t know what it is about them, I can’t cure them (don’t want too) – I can only warn you to be on the lookout for them.  My advice keep your stake ready, wooden bullets, or maybe your light (Sooky light) ready -whatever it is you need, that said – don’t let them get you.

3 Tips To Avoid Energy Vampires I learned From Sooky On True Blood.

Don’t Invite Them In

true bloodJust like the VAMPS on True Blood, they can only get in if you first invite them in.  The common trait in all VAMPS is that they’re sneaky – they’ll trick you or glamor you with their psychic powers to get you to let them in and once they do…  They’ll go straight for your throat.

Energy vampires can take a positive motivated person and suck them dry of their optimism and serenity.  The Vamps do more than drain your physical energy – they can drain your mental, and spiritual energy too.  This is why you must avoid them at all costs.

How To Avoid A Vamps Glamoring (Psychic Ability)

Avoiding an energy Vamps psychic ability or “glamor” is tough and takes skills – simply because energy Vamps are great at baiting you in, and some aren’t full blooded energy Vamps, some are half Vamp have human – which are even harder to spot.

The only defense there is against an energy Vamps psychic ability is develop a keen awareness for what it is that you want.  Once this is developed you will begin to develop additional senses – the most powerful being fairy light (like Sooky).  When you know what it is you want you can literally blast energy Vamps just like Sooky does to the Vamps on True Blood, it works – but be careful you’ve got to direct your light right at them and they’ll head for the hills.

Give Them Something Else To Feed On

true bloodEnergy Vamps are always hungry and must feed on something – just don’t let it be you, your dreams, your goals, or most importantly your time.  So, be sure to give them something to feed on – the HBO show True Blood takes place in a town called Bon Temps to keep Vamps at bay they use a synthetic blood called Tru-Blood.

In real life I suggest giving them a topic to feed on as most Energy Vamps have short attention spans and can easily be distracted to focus on something else that serves their agenda.  Energy Vamps are just as satisfied feeding on negative energy as they are feeding on your positive energy – so you’ll need to focus them on something other than you – then run .  That tip alone can help you dodge as many as you can.  Just remember if you get bitten, focus on your light – focus on your goals, your purpose, and your character and your light will shine bright as the sun and stop energy Vamps in their tracks.

James Yancey


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