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ViSalus Go and ViSalus Pro – What Do These New Products Mean For You?

by James Yancey

About ViSalus Sciences

ViSalus Sciences is a direct sales company inside the Network Marketing industry.  As of this writing there is a buzz inside the industry based on the growth of the company and their new product line.  The company has proven themselves as a leader with their weight loss product and their 90 day challenge.  If you looking for information on their new products Go and Pro, you’ve found what you’re looking for inside this article I’ll detail the products, the differences between Go and Pro, and even what these new products mean for you as an existing distributor or someone looking at the ViSalus opportunity for the first time.

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The New Products ViSalus Go and ViSalus Pro

ViSalus Go ReviewsViSalus Go is an Instant Energy Drink that is designed to provide lasting energy for an intense workout.  According to the company ViSalus Go provides extra energy and nutrition to help support peak muscle performance.  While – assisting with alertness, wakefulness, and enhancing cognitive performance, giving the body the fuel and nutrients it needs to help sustain exercise.  The product is designed to be used before, during a workout, or even anytime you need a boost of energy.

ViSalus Pro is a Powdered Energy Drink made with nutrients that according to the company helps support stamina, muscle recovery, and endurance and can assist in the cellular recovery after working out.  ViSalus Pro is designed to be mixed with water; the target market for this product is athletes or those that just want a healthy boost of energy.

What are the differences between ViSalus Go and ViSalus Pro?

ViSalus Pro ReviewsViSalus Go is an Instant Energy Shot designed to give you a boost of energy whenever you need it and, ViSalus Pro is a powered energy drink that’s for long lasting energy.  While these two products provide two different solutions ultimately they were designed to complement one another.

A product user could elect to use ViSalus Pro prior to work out, an athletic event, or any strenuous activity – and supplement their need for energy with ViSalus Go to maximize their energy and performance.

The Bottom Line – What Do These New ViSalus Products Mean For You?

These new products mean new excitement for current successful ViSalus distributors.  The reason these new products are huge for current and existing successful distributors is because they have the most to gain.  When a product based company launches a new line of products those with the largest down-lines win and the win every time simply because of the existing distributors trying the new product huge new volume and cash flow is created.

SO, if you’re thinking about joining ViSalus Sciences, this doesn’t mean that you’re too late – it means you need to be one of those distributors with a large and significant downline.  The company will always launch new products; they have too because of the nature of what they offer.  If you’re attracted to health and wellness ViSalus Sciences is a great company and if you want to be one of the future beneficiaries of their next product launch you’ll need a system to generate MLM leads.

Need Leads For Your ViSalus Sciences business?

Never forget that ViSalus Sciences is a Network Marketing company and to be successful requires you to build a large team of people looking for an opportunity inside health and wellness.  Regardless of how strongly you feel about the new ViSalus products, the leadership, and the compensation plan those factors alone will not help you succeed.

To succeed in ViSalus Sciences or any Network Marketing company requires you have the skills to generate a quality Network Marketing Leads and close them into your business.  This is why I recommend anyone looking to create a significant income inside ViSalus Sciences implement a proven MLM Lead Generation System a quality system will teach you how to generate qualified leads and provide the platform to do so – on top of that will help you generate income from those not interested in the ViSalus Science opportunity.

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