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The 4 Fatal Flaws Of MLM Opportunities

by James Yancey

When evaluating an MLM opportunity there are 4 specific areas that have a direct impact on the success of a Networker.  While these 4 areas can be overcome, very few Networkers have the skill and training to conquer these 4 fatal flaws.

The First Fatal Flaw – TRAINING

mlm trainingThe goal of any Network Marketing organization is to create a distribution network for their product or service.  The problem with the vast majority of companies is that their product requires specialized knowledge and training.  Since, over 80% of all Network Marketers work the business part-time most have limited or no time for training.  This lack of proper training negatively affects the networker’s ability to sell and recruit personally, and in turn they are unable to properly train anyone they happen to recruit.  This training issue spirals into people quitting and products not being sold to an end consumer.  When picking a network marketing company you want to select a product line that requires LITTLE or NO specialized knowledge or skill to present.  This will drastically improve your results.

The Second Fatal Flaw – SELLING

mlm sales trainingSelling products is the only way money is made.  If your organization has challenges selling products your teams momentum and belief will die.  Trouble selling products is caused by 2 factors.  The 1st is a lack of training which we already covered.  The 2nd and most important fact is that most people HATE SELLING, so results need to come quickly and easily.  Since most companies require a product be sold whether it’s make up, vitamins, coffee, chocolate, whatever it is – REALIZE that you can’t sell enough by yourself to achieve financial freedom.  That’s why we have to create a distribution network of people selling enough monthly to achieve financial freedom.  So, when selecting a product or service make sure it MAKES SENSE, is a QUALITY PRODUCT, CONSUMABLE, and COMPETITVELY PRICED with other products.  Lastly, you also want to be sure your sphere of influence can use the product and its priced right for them.

The Third Fatal Flaw – THE AUTOSHIP

mlm autoshipThe autoship can cause problems for customers and distributors.  A product piling up in the cupboard is the fastest way to lose what was once a loyal customer or business partner.  Product autoships are a challenge first and foremost because of the monthly expense and also because people are accustomed to buying products the way they usually would. Attempting to change a customer’s buying habit is the 3rd huge flaw in most Network Marketing companies.  When customers or distributors cancel their autoship you can guarantee they didn’t stop buying the product, the simply went back to their previous method of buying, they simply went back to a store.  That’s why some companies have such a LARGE ATTRITION rate, if you have to change the way a customer buys and/or uses any product you will typically lose customers as fast as you can acquire them.  This is vitally important because residual income can only be created through RETENTION and GROWTH.

The Fourth Fatal Flaw – MAKING MONEY

mlm making_moneyThe other three flaws combine to create and magnify the fourth problem, making money.  When distributors can’t create the residual income they got involved in network marketing to create they leave the industry thinking it doesn’t work.  The industry DOES WORK; unfortunately most simply don’t know how to choose the right company, product, or team to partner with.  When choosing a company the product has to be simple so that no training or specialized knowledge is necessary for the common person to see the product as valuable.  You also want a product that consumers already buy so they don’t have to budget outside of their normal spending habits to purchase from you.  Third you want a consumable product that will be either used up before the next autoship or you will lose customers as fast as you gain new ones.

In Conclusion – The 4 Fatal Flaws

Don’t be discouraged if your opportunity has any of these 4 fatal flaws, you can still make money.  However; you will be challenged because of them and you may not be able to create a walk away income.  Someone whether it’s you or your leaders will have to make up for these 4 fatal flaws with additional effort and ability.  It’s only when these 4 fatal flaws are not at play, and the timing is right where you can truly create and build generational wealth.

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