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The Power Of Faith In Network Marketing

by James Yancey

So what is faith anyway, and does it matter in a network marketing business?

If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you are a person of faith and already know what faith is and you probably have faith so I commend you.  But I’m also going to assume you’re reading this because you want something that can give you immediate results in your business.

You see, my personal definition of faith is, “believing without seeing.”  In order to have faith in anything you truly have to believe before anything happens.  To create results you first have to believe enough to WORK IN FAITH on the front end of your business before you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with profits on the back end.

I believe you’re a person that already knows you’ve got to have faith, and you’ve got to work.  But, what you really need to ask yourself is the real question and that is, ”what do I need to have FAITH IN and what do I have to WORK IN FAITH ON to be rewarded in a network marketing business?”

Well before I answer that I want to ask you a question.  Do you believe you should have blind faith in your network marketing business?

Faith in Network Marketing System

To succeed in network marketing, you’ve got to be able to have something that is tangible to believe in and work on first.

Even if your business is only an idea right now, and you haven’t sponsored anyone you’ve got to make the idea and process real in your mind first.  You have to visualize every detail, how you will go about finding people to talk to, enrolling them, training them, duplicate the system, and build a leadership team?  Once your idea is on paper and specific, and you have a real vision in your mind, you need to create a system around that idea.  The system is what allows your idea to produce tangible results.  The idea with no system is simply a thought.

Think about it, if there’s no system and only an idea what are you putting your faith and belief into?  Having belief for belief sake is admirable, but it won’t help you reach your financial needs or goals in your network marketing business.

You’ve got to have a system that you can believe in, and then WORK IN FAITH in that system.  If you are like me you realize things happen for a reason in life and in business.  To get an insider’s look at the turnkey system I use to grow my business and duplicate my team visit The MLM Sponsoring Formula.

Faith In Network Marketing

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